Welcome to Free Spirit & Mind!

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I’d Like to Welcome you to “Free Spirit & Mind!”

When you look around the Globe there is one thing for sure, that people are waking up. The Rainbow Tribe is Awakening. The Global Community is becoming Conscious. Now… is the time to help our community through Holistic Practices. The Western Philosophies are not sustainable for the growth of humanity and for the future of our society. If things are to get any better to support our future generations, actions must be taken, minds must continue to shift.  And so… Holistic Practices will be a guiding source to facilitate in this shift.

LumaraRose (Rose) is a certified Wellness Practitioner as she obtained her Diploma in the Holistic Wellness Practitioner Program through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She previously acquired a degree in Addictions and Substance Abuse Counseling & is a certified Southwest herbalist. Her education & training is never ending & continuing. Not only does she have all these accreditation’s behind her, but she began her process with the arts, herbal medicine & holistic health as a personal highway to inspiration and transcendence. It is through her artistic expression, the vehicle of love, strength, healing, industriousness & self-reliance that she has been able to transcend her own personal journey of adoption at age 6, childhood abuse, self-identity, drug addiction, PTSD & being a single mother. LumaraRose (Rose) manifests light, hopefulness and inspiration in all that she does. The true & authentic ability to manifest love and healing through her art & services is what gives Free Spirit & Mind Holistics a true and special place in the world canvas of artistic expression & Healing modalities… Her mission is simple, “With one Soul at a time we will Heal the World.” In time she envisions her personal practice becoming the Global Go to Center for suffers of Addiction and PTSD that are treated with Holistic Practices focused on the Mind, Body, and Spiritual Connections.”

Free Spirit and Mind Holistics offer a wide array of Holistic based services. Through Holistic practices incorporating the Mind, Body, Spirit Connections, we will restore the internal balance of sufferers with PTSD & addiction. While the main focus is  on the suffering and / or recovering addict and those battling PTSD, we do offer services to the general public and to anyone who desires the will to improve their life. The various services that we offer include:


Addictions & Substance Abuse Counseling

PTSD Counseling

Life & Nutrition Coaching

Auriculartherapy (Chinese Acupressure but focused in the ears)

Herbal consultations

Personal herbal formulas

Surrendering to Weight Release

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils Healing Sessions

Guided Meditations

Toe Reading & Coaching (This is so fun & can be transformed into an entire Healing Session of it’s own)

Garden Building & Consulting


Beautiful picture compliments of Photographer Illup Gravengaard of Sedona

LumaraRose (Rose) in her Element… Compliments of Photographer Illup Gravengaard of Sedona & Owner of kejiwa Products.

This blog is about Holistic HealingAlternative Life Styles and the Tips on How to get There!

This blog will discuss anything considered as an alternative life-style:
Home remedies
Plant Identification
Gardening tips
Sewing projects
Sensory deprivation/Float tanks and the cures they help with
Meditation strategies
Vegetarian alternatives
Ideas for kid projects

Natural living

Home Remedies

I am all about finding Home Remedies that actually work!

Especially when they do not include pharmaceuticals, medications, chemicals, GMO’s and/or visits to the doctor, urgent care or ER!

I strive to find new remedies that I come across & will share them as they arise as they arise & adding them to this page!

So please follow this blog & see what magical cures could be in your future!


Vegetarian alternatives

On this page I will be giving some great & yummy ideas as to Vegetarian alternatives.

Now I want to start out by letting you know that I am not 100% Vegetarian. But I have noticed by watching my own diet and paying close attention to how my body reacts to certain foods, that I experience certain complications when I ingest meats. In particular red meats, pork and/or excessive amounts of meats.

Some of the things I have noticed include; irritable bowel syndrome, instant diarrhea or loose bowels, constipation, pimples (on face, chest & back), indigestion, heart burn, bloating, fatigue
Therefore I have recently (for about 1.5 years) been finding vegetarian alternatives to my meat consumption.
So please stay tuned & check out the wonderful possibilities to these substitutes!


Fun Projects…

Kid Projects!

On this page i will be posting random fun projects for you to do with the kiddos around the house!

We will be doing an array of activities like; painting, arts & crafts, role play, enhancing music skills, gardening for the lil’ ones, dress up, drawing etc…

So go ahead and start following now, so you can get creative ideas for your home too!

Sewing Projects

On this page I will be showing you different sewing projects you can do all on your own!

Anything from making your own skirts, tunics, blankets etc… Not to mention we will be using recycled materials either from my own home, acquired free from craigslist or donations from friends & family.

Gardening Tips

This page will be discussing different gardening tips, companion plants & organic pesticides!

I will be creating a section for Native plants of the Southwest. I will identify them, have visual aids & provide medicinal uses for each plant.


Float Pod Journey…

On this page I will be walking you through my own personal journey and experiences from my Floats at True Rest Float Spa. My main focus for My personal float Journey is Addiction & PTSD, I will be documenting how the pods aid in addiction, treatment of and cognitive thought process. This is amazing stuff guys, if you have not floated yet please do yourself a favor, find a float shop near you, make an appointment & start your own healing Journey!