CommUnity Garden

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As a permaculture based commUnity The Enchanted Forest CommUnity is working towards creating an urban food forest on the property. As of January 2019 there are over 600 square feet of working gardens on the land. And for that we are forever thankful for.

In the front yard we have a CommUnity Peace Garden which has about 400 square feet of garden space.

Here is a picture of the garden before it was planted in January 2018 by our Garden keeper Rose

Throughout the month our Space & Garden keeper Rose, hosts a commUnity garden party. You can view these events on our Calendar at this link

These events are FREE and are a great way to get the CommUnity engaged as well as sharing knowledge with one another. We always have a vegetarian potluck buffet during our garden parties. This we believe, encourages commUnity connections and is a time to share recipes, re-fuel and to nourish our bodies.

Because the space is limited we do not rent out plots like other commUnity gardens. Instead, what we do is share our space for you to come learn, grow & share your gardening experience. As a bonus perk to sharing in the experience you are welcome to reap the rewards of harvesting nourishing foods straight from the garden. And when we plant, if we have left over transplants, you always more than welcome to take some home for yourselves.

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