CommUnity Garden Build & Potluck

Come to a garden party and reminisce with old friends at The Enchanted Forest CommUnity Peace Garden.***Park along flower street on either side of the park. Note: there are 2 flower streets, either one is fine. Thx so much!

Hi friends of Enchanted Forest. We have been having some great participation on preparing the community garden but Our CommUnity garden is needing some love & support from the you. 

Come create a place for life to grow & thrive…. This is your chance to get in touch with nature smell the amazing goodness of fresh Earth, help create new life and then harvest some of the freshest organic food you can get we call this type of growing “Beyond Organic”. 

Garden & have a vegetarian potluck buffet to fuel us while we work

**** Please bring seeds, gloves, shovels, trowels, Clippers, fertilizer or other plant tools to use too. We also are interested in artists who will make new signs & a mural for the garden..

Reconfigure the drip line
Plant baby seeds & plant starts
Amend garden beds
Build trellis for peas
Weed and collect but grass for mosquitoes
Create garden signs
Commune with Nature

Wish List 🤗 for donations to support our CommUnity Garden:
Fish emulsion
Seaweed or kelp emulsion 
Trees (edible) 
Tools – shovel, trowels, shade cloth, poles
Organic fertilizer
Coffee grounds
Stakes for tomatoes and other vines
Any building materials you think we could use (bed frames, wood, ladders, pavers, pretty rocks and stone)
Lady bugs
Gnomes and garden statues
Praying mantis’s

This is a free event
Kids welcome
Donations to maintain the CommUnity Garden is much appreciated

*** If you haven’t checked out the Enchanted Forest yet you are in for a treat. Come see this fantastic space that includes our CommUnity garden a dome Amphitheater, yoga Dance Space, vibration cuddle space, yin yang meditation area and more!

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