Earthship Aircrete Hobbit Hole Series

Earthship Aircrete Hobbit Hole Dome build

We are starting our aircrete workshops 🤗 and will continue till we are done.  We are targeting completion by February 1st 2019 but it might go past just a wee bit. This is an 8 week series. 

A similar prototype

View flier at this link below

Aircrete Earthship Hobbit Hole Series

There will be an open vegetarian potluck buffet for each event.

Please bring a dish to share and plan on having a potluck buffet going on during the workshop so we can all keep our stamina up and energy going 🔥

We will be teaching you how to build an earthship & how to use a sustainable building substance called aircrete. Each workshop will be directed towards something different but all involving the building of our Hobbit Hole Dome.

Payment & donation options:

Donations for this series would greatly help us streamline our production. Any additional donations made to The Enchanted Forest CommUnity will be thanked with some sort of compensation or package. If interested in donating please view our Help Support our Vision page here

$22 a class

$150 for entire series

Follow the link above for payments or pay on the venmo app to here is what my app profile looks like

another prototype

Hoping to see some commUnity here to help, play and feast with us. Let us know if you’re interested in joining us.

Please invite anyone who you think would be interested in joining.

NOTE: There might be limited space so please RSVP & pay to secure your spot. No refunds will be issued as any payments made will be considered a love donation to The Enchanted Forest CommUnity.


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