Earth Guardians Phx Kids Tribe – New Year Beginnings

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In the last meet up we met up at one of our tribe members Paul Barringers home in downtown Phoenix. Thank you so much Paul for opening up your home to us all. And can I say… WOW! That was such an amazing event I left with my heart wide open & feelings of joy consumed me for the rest of day.

Here is a recap of the last meetup…

Thanks Paul for sharing your beautiful home with us all

Our tribe consisted of 18 youth & their adult families

As usual the kiddos found the worms & enjoyed hunting for them

There were a couple songs that were sung & everyone joined in on the fun!

We had 5 crafts tables for the kiddos to make solstice crafts at

For this next event… We will meet back up at the Earth Guardians Headquarters The Enchanted Forest CommUnity in the historical homesteads district of central Phoenix.

For this event we will be doing a kind of New Years Beginnings rite where we will put our intentions in the upcoming year & release with a fire ceremony any thing that is holding us back, bothering us or anything that no longer serves us.

What to bring:
A vegetarian snack dish/drink to share for snack time
Anything you wish to release in the fire
A pot to plant your New Years seeds in
Lots of energy
An open heart ♥
A blanket to sit on in the Amphitheater

*** Schedule is subjective to change ***

Kid friendly

*** This is a FREE event but donations for the host & Earth Guardians fund is greatly appreciated this helps maintain the space and adds to our fund for special events or scholarships ***

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