Earth Guardians Phx Kids Tribe – Solstice & Shirt Painting

In the last meet up we met up at The Bee Oasis in Mesa and we learned about Chickens, their eggs, native edible plants, how to use a solar oven and more. This time our newest member Paul Barringer & his lovely daughter Tesla has so kindly offered to host Decembers event at their house in downtown Phoenix.

Paul is an Urban Farmer & owns his own business in metal fabrication. His garden has been completely constructed out of upcycled items with a touch of his fabrication technique. We hope you can join us!

We are going to be teaching the children on the solstice and the axial tilt of planet Earth. We should also have our Earth Guardians T-shirts in 🙂 so we will be painting the backs of our own shirts with acrylic paints.

What to bring:
A vegetarian snack dish/drink to share for snack time
Painting clothes that you don’t care if they get messy
Paints or anything you’d like to trace onto the shirts
Lots of energy
An open heart ♥
A chair (unless otherwise specified)

*** Schedule is subjective to change ***

Kid friendly

*** This is a FREE event but donations for the host & Earth Guardians fund is greatly appreciated this helps maintain the space and adds to our fund for special events or scholarships ***

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