The Journey Continues… Float 7

The Journey Continues… Float 7 

Well let’s just say that every time I get into the pod I am not able to slow my mind down to enjoy the full benefits. Especially today! I went into the spa knowing that I have a head cold. I kept thinking oh crap, am I gonna be able to make it through the entire float without having to blow my nose. Needless to say, the float was not as relaxing as it usually is… but I did not let that stop me from finding my happy place.

Over & over again I found myself drifting off thinking about many things other than floating; I just can not shut off my mind. At times like these I have to remind myself to enjoy the time I have right now. As when I step into the pods I only have one hour to get the most out of them. As Eckhart Tolle says, “let go of the need to understand anything…” Time and time again, I find myself struggling with exactly this. And when this happens I have to remind myself that I do not need to understand everything; that it is okay to just enjoy this moment, this time in space… I would think after telling myself something enough I would not have to tell myself that again. Nope that’s not the case and that is okay, as it is human nature to second guess ourselves.

So with this, I want to remind you whether it is in the pods, at home or in traffic … you do not have to know everything, think about tomorrow, just enjoy this moment… because if you really think about it, you will only be just as you are in this very moment, because after this moment we are forever changing, forever evolving and forever not the same…

Until next time… Peace be with you…

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