Squash Bugs and their Dirty Truth…

Squash Bugs and their Dirty Truth…

Another day in the garden just minding my own business looking with pride on the green stalks that stood proudly in front of my eyes…and there I thought my garden was finally coming together and then BLAM! Squash bugs had completely infested my garden.

Squash Bugs

The sad thing was that I could have stopped these evil invaders sooner, had I known just what they were. I remember looking over the garden one day and seeing these beetle looking creatures. And in my head I thought, “Oh look beetles have visited my garden… maybe they will help with the ant problem.”

And then about a week or so later my squash plants were completely covered in these pests after a nice evening watering. Then it dawned on me, “These guys are no good! What should I do?”

"The Evil Doers"

“The Evil Doers”

So I posted on the local gardeners page I’m a member of on Facebook, looking for some sort of answers.

Squash bug eggs

“YOU HAVE SQUASH BUGS!” is the response I got. So I did some research and learned that these bugs have been problematic for years now for farmers & gardeners (source). Then I read over and over on various pages that these squash bugs were really hard to rid.

However I did find these remedies/cures what ever you wanna call these, however I’m gonna call theseĀ “Population Control”

1-Neem Oil-The spraying of Neem oil, either by itself or mixed with water as a solution seems to be the most curative form of riding an infestation of squash bugs. Neem oil not only smothers the evil doers, but slows their feeding habits reducing their reproduction of the stiff they ingest.

2-Diatomaceous Earth-sprinkle this earth powder in your garden, around your yard every few weeks or so. Do not worry about getting this stuff on your plants as it washes away & is non-toxic. Quick fix while planting mix- Mix in diatomaceous earth with the dirt around the seeds. This will keep the bugs away

3-Dice up onions & garlic. Soak over night in water. Save the fluids & discard the pulp. Next take the solution and place on the ground around the plants making sure not to touch the solution on the leaves or stalks(as this solution can be fatal and burn the plant).

So even though it was too late for my garden, I will know next season what to do do & how to prevent the bastards from taking over my plants once again! And hopefully you too will be saved the heart ache & disappointment from the destruction these bugs havoc!

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    • I tend to notice the things that I hold onto I don’t always fully understand at first so I know in order to gain full knowledge I have to go over the material again & again… Good luck I like your initiative!

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