The Devastation of Mankind… An Oil Spill In The White Mountains

While out on my Solo expedition this last weekend I was Heart Broken to stumble upon an Oil Spill in The White Mountains, right on one of the most Beautiful Creeks I have ever seen… Why would someone do this? How could anyone actually believe this is okay!

Not only is this a horrible devastation the National Forest but I feel as though it being on The Apache County that it is yet another blow to The Apache Nation… First the Mining company takes over Sacred Land at Oaks Flat & now this…

Oil spills

The Sadness of Man Made Toxic Chemicals…

“In the long-term, toxic materials from oil can remain in the water and on the land for many years. They can build up in the food chain to lethal levels, and destroy or disrupt and area’s ecosystem.”

oil spills 2

This is what I saw

I had went to this place to enjoy the beauty, harvest some herbs & fall in Love with Nature… However that was not the case, nor will any herbs be able to harvested in the area for a LONG, long time again… I had made the decision that it was my DUTY to contact the local authorities, The Forest Services & report the Spill… Although the office was closed for the weekend yesterday I managed to leave several voicemails at several agencies & hunted down two Rangers to Personally report the issue… After talking with the Ranger this morning I am filled with sadness, tears & griefNot only has the spill not been reported before my call but I cannot believe anyone would destroy the Beautiful Mountains, especially with Toxic Chemicals!!!

My Hope is that I am completely wrong & that there really was No Oil Spill… but in my Heart I know this is not the case… However I will remain to keep an optimistic outlook (behind the tears & sadness) & look forward to that call & or email from the Rangers that there is No Oil Spill, that Everything is Fine & The Precious Land was not Destroyed… Either way the Rangers will be contacting me to let me know what the out come is, if the EPA needs to get involved & if the spill can be contained. I have never participated with a Natural disaster but in this case (since i’m the one to make the report0 I feel compelled that if given the chance or opportunity to help out with the Clean up… I for one WILL BE THERE!

“studied over decades with the improved techniques of modern chemistry and biology — have allowed scientists to paint a more complex portrait of what happens after a spill.

It is still clear that the bulk of the damage happens quickly, and that nature then begins to recuperate. After a few years, a casual observer visiting a hard-hit location might see nothing amiss. Birds and fish are likely to have rebounded, and the oil will seem to be gone… some of it has merely gone underground, hiding in pockets where it can still do low-level damage to wildlife over many years. And the human response to a spill can mitigate — or intensify — its long-term effects. Oddly enough, some of the worst damage to occur from spills in recent decades has come from people trying too hard to clean them up.”

You can read more by clicking here at this ling about the Long-Term damage an oil spill causes to the once Beautiful, untainted & safe Land…

If you are in Wild or The White Mountains (like I was) & find an issue like this or feel that something needs to be reported Please contact the authorities because the issue may not have been Reported!

The Arizona State Forestry Division:

1110 West Washington St #100
Phoenix, AZ 85007 Ph–(602) 771-1400

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests:

District Phone Numbers:

Alpine Ranger District
(928) 339-5000

Black Mesa Ranger District
(928) 535-7300

Clifton Ranger District
(928) 687-8600

Lakeside Ranger District
(928) 368-2100

Springerville Ranger District
(928) 333-6200



Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Imports and Exports Hotline

Phone: 202-554-1404
Fax: 202-554-5603


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