True Rest Float Float Spa… The Journey Begins…

My Journey begins to conduct floats at True Rest Float Spa to enhance my recovery from addictions & help reduce my developmental PTSD. Let me tell you about my sense. These are the things that we smell, taste, touch, hear & feel in general round us. I enter into the float tank to find my center, to create a balance & to become more aware of my parasympathetic system-pretty big word parasympathetic system, let me briefly explain.

Parasympathetic System is 1 of 3 of our autonomic nervous systems. It is responsible for the slowing of our heart rate, the increase of intestinal & gland activity and is responsible for our”Fight or Flight” response.

We all have this “Fight or Flight” response, this is what makes us fight or freeze when something dramatic happens to us. Freeze is not a life saving instinct & I am what you would call a fighter so my natural instinct is to “Fight”. The floats have & will continue to help control this instinct and allow me to slow down my reactions in certain situations. As with any addict, we react more than we freeze!

Doing the floats at True rest have been very invigorating, revitalizing and an awakening experience. But doing a float is much more than just than getting undressed, opening the chamber door, and floating for an hour or two—hoping for something to happen…

Floats are much more than that! You have to be prepared for the float if you want to get a worthy experience. The floats are also known as A “Sensory deprivation tank”. That means that all of your  senses will be deprived once you enter the chamber. In the army soldiers are trained to be a Prisoner of War by entering sensory deprivation tanks. This teaches them how to act, react and what to expect for if and when they become a prisoner of war. Many  soldiers think that it will be a piece of cake and expect that it will be easy. When in fact this is generally not the case. Soldiers freak out, cry, become emotional with things on their mind, because they were not expecting to be in complete control of all their senses. Therefore before I enter the chamber I prepare myself for all my senses to be deprived.These are a few things I have learned from my past 4 floats that I need to prepare for:

1-Have some personal time before the float to think about what I will be focusing on.Go in with an intention in mind.

2-Do not have too high expectations.

3-Do not engage in any hostile experiences right before a float.

4-Wear ear plugs-otherwise I keep thinking about the water getting in my ears as they tend to pop or fill with water. If the spa you go to does not provide them I suggest you purchase some wax ones & keep them!

5-I like to journal before and after my float as a guide to what I experienced and as a reference to future floats.

Welcome to my journey, my hand is out stretched to you. I enter the float tank alone, as do all of you but if you find reading this before you do your floats, know that I am right there with you… so until next time… Peace be with you…

Make your own Fluoride-Free, Organic Toothpaste

Make your own Fluoride-Free, Organic Toothpaste… Make your own toothpaste & know it was made with safe ingredients!

Make your own toothpaste & know it was made with safe ingredients!

1. Simple

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon sea salt, finely ground
1 drop peppermint, clove, or citrus pure essential oil

A few drops of water

Mix ingredients in a small bowl and combine thoroughly until a thick paste is formed. Scoop it on to your toothbrush and brush as usual.

 2. Vegan toothpaste

Many commercial toothpastes include glycerin to help maintain the product’s texture, but unless it is listed specifically as vegetable glycerin, it is of animal origin. If you want a vegan toothpaste that contains glycerin, try this.

2 teaspoons vegetable glycerin

4 tablespoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon guar gum
8 tablespoons water
5 drops peppermint, clove, or citrus pure essential oil

Place all the ingredients except essential oil in a pot and cook on low heat, stirring frequently, for five minutes or until the mixture achieves a paste-like texture. Cool, add essential oil to taste, and store in a sterile jar at room temperature. Use as usual.

3. Coconut-based toothpaste

This formula swaps out the glycerin and uses coconut oil instead. The coconut flavor and essential oil should mask the subtle taste of the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, but you can add a few drops of stevia if you prefer a sweeter paste.

6 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide

2 tablespoons coconut oil (warm enough to be liquid, which means above 76 degrees F)
10 drops peppermint, clove, or citrus pure essential oil

Homemade, organic & quick & painless!

Homemade, organic & quick & painless!

Put baking soda in a bowl, add the other ingredients and mix until you achieve a proper paste texture. Add a small amount of baking soda if it’s runny; add more coconut oil if it’s too dry. Taste, and add more essential oil if you want a more flavorful paste. Store in an opaque container (required to protect the hydrogen peroxide) and use as usual.

4. Super simple

The most simplified toothpaste recipe ever.

1. Mix Baking soda and coconut oil 50/50

How effective is using baking soda? Baking soda is used for two reasons. First, it’s a mild abrasive that provides a gentle cleansing. Second, it’s alkaline. Being alkaline, baking soda can neutralize acids in your mouth that are often at the root of tooth decay. Baking soda also absorbs odors and helps produce fresh breath.

Coconut oil is the magic ingredient. It is a key ingredient in homemade toothpastes because it’s a powerful, natural antibacterial and antifungal – so it works to kill harmful bacteria in your mouth while you brush. Coconut oil is excellent for your gums and brushing with it regularly can eliminate bleeding, sore gums. The oil kills the bacteria that are responsible for gingivitis – and if you have gingivitis, you might want to massage some coconut oil into your gums regularly, in addition to using it in your toothpaste. Brushing your tongue with the oil helps with thrush, a fungal problem localized in the mouth, and to boot, coconut oil has been found to stop and even reverse some tooth decay.

Coconut oil naturally contains Caprylic acid, a fatty acid that effectively destroys candida. This makes coconut oil one of the best ways to keep Candida levels under control which can be present in the mouth when overgrowth occurs.

Homemade & ready to use!

Homemade & ready to use!


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14 Reasons Why Witch Hazel Should Be In Every Home

The Witch Hazel Tree

The Witch Hazel Tree

1. Natural Astringent

Probably the most famous way witch hazel is used is as a natural astringent. High concentrations of tannins in witch hazel make it an excellent astringent which means it has the ability to remove excess oil from skin and shrink down pores.  Health-wise, those who are exposed to lots of environmental pollutants may apply witch hazel to the face in order to reduce the amount of contaminants that enter pores and, consequently, the amount and severity of blemishes.  Also, because astringents remove excess oil, regular use of witch hazel may further prevent blemishes, especially black heads which result from dried sebum build-up in pores.

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2. Fade Bruises and Blemishes

Witch hazel may also be used to treat blemishes already present on the face or other areas of the body.  Apply witch hazel with a cotton ball or cosmetic pad to reduce irritation and appearance of acne or other inflammatory skin conditions.  Witch hazel applied to bruises can also help to fade discoloration and speed up the healing process of any underlying damage.

3. Brighten Around Eyes

The ability of witch hazel to tighten skin and reduce inflammation makes this an ideal natural remedy for treating discoloration and puffiness under and around eyes and is one of the most popular uses for witch hazel.  Just make sure not to get any of this natural astringent on the eyes themselves as it will result in significant pain and lingering discomfort from dryness.

4. Shrink Swollen Veins

Soak soft terry cloth in witch hazel and lay over skin affected by varicose veins to temporarily reduce swelling and pain.  Also, remember to prop up the areas to be treated as high as possible.  This will decrease blood pressure in swollen veins and maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

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5. Stop Bleeding

Witch hazel naturally tightens skin and promotes faster healing.  Apply organic witch hazel  to minor cuts and scrapes to stop bleeding.  Store-bought witch hazel also often contains isoproply alcohol which disinfects, making it a popular choice for cleansing wounds before bandaging.

6. Post Hair-removal

For both men and women, witch hazel is a great follow-up to shaving any part of the body.  Not only will it stop bleeding from nicks or cuts, anti-inflammatory witch hazel can also work to prevent razor burn.  Furthermore, those who employ hot wax treatments for hair-removal may also apply witch hazel as an anti-inflammatory post-waxing or use it to stop bleeding from damaged hair follicles.

7. Hemorrhoid Relief

Witch hazel is great for easing the pain, itching, swelling, and bleeding of hemorrhoids.  In fact, it’s a common ingredient used in many commercial hemorrhoid creams.  Just mix witch hazel with a carrier like Aloe Vera gel and apply to affected areas for fast relief.

8. Ease a Sore Throat

Due to its astringent properties, an herbal tea of witch hazel (not the store-bought kind which almost always contains isopropyl alcohol) can help to ease the discomfort of a sore throat.  Gargle with witch hazel tea to reduce swelling, dry up excess mucus, and ease pain caused by laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, or other throat maladies.

9. Treat Damaged Gums

A witch hazel mouth rinse (again, don’t use witch hazel that contains isopropyl alcohol) can help to reduce pain and swelling of irritated or infected gums.  Witch hazel can be used stop minor bleeding of the gums and mouth.  Try a teaspoon of witch hazel tea with one drop each clove and myrrh oil to safely relieve teething pain for infants.  The same treatment may also be used to soothe pain caused by emerging wisdom teeth or after oral surgery to reduce discomfort and inflammation.

10. Dry Up Swimmer’s Ear

Otitus externa – commonly known as ‘Swimmer’s Ear’ – is caused by microbial infection of the ear canal.  Use an eye dropper to insert several drops of witch hazel into each ear to dry up pus, clear away excess oil, and break up wax and debris that may be clogging the ear canal.  Allow ears to drain then clean gently with a cotton swab or cosmetic pad.  Follow up with a natural anti-microbial like basil oil, apple cider vinegar, or tea tree oil.

All kinds of creams, tinctures & oils can be made with Witch Hazel!

All kinds of creams, tinctures & oils can be made with Witch Hazel!

11. Soothe Diaper Rash

Anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel make it an effective and safe remedy for soothing pain from diaper rash.  Regular application will also assist in healing damaged skin faster, further reducing your baby’s discomfort.

12. Cool Down Sunburn

Mix some witch hazel in with your Aloe Vera gel the next time you need to treat a sunburn.  The anti-inflammatory power of this incredible plant extract will aid your skin in healing while it and the Aloe help to cool the burn.  This treatment can also help to prevent skin from peeling in the days following a bad burn.

13. Neutralize Contact Dermatitis

Because of its drying and anti-itch power, witch hazel can also be used to counter the effects of skin-irritating plant compounds like urushiol, the sap oil contained in poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac that causes contact dermatitis in about 85% of adults who come in contact with it.

14. Bug Bites and Stings

Just as witch hazel can be used to ease pain and itching from poison ivy and its cousins, the same works for bug bites and stings.  Yet another reason to carry a small bottle of this awesome remedy with you the next time you plan to spend a day outdoors!

Ready to experience this incredible natural remedy for yourself?  Try Humphreys Certified Organic Witch Hazel!