Natural Garden Trellis

Okay so I do not know about you but being a single mother I have to find every way I can to budget. So when I was thinking of ideas for my garden trellis I was not willing to blow $100 plus dollars on my garden trellis, especially since I am renting.

Therefore the idea came to mind that I should just collect sticks, buy some twine & create my own natural garden trellis.

Sticks collected for Natural  Garden Trellis...

Sticks collected for Natural Garden Trellis…

So I took my son out for a field trip to the local park & we looked for fallen sticks. It was just our luck that we had a huge storm here in Glendale the previous week, so tons of nice sticks & branches were there waiting for us to harvest them :).

My so asked me why we were collecting these sticks. And so I explained to him that we were harvesting these sticks so we can build our own trellis to support the plants in the garden.

When we got home I decided to make an art project out of our field trip. So I drew a garden bed & pulled out some popsicle sticks and glue & showed him what a trellis looked like. e had so much fun, he even painted the trellis a little.

Kids project for Natural Trellis demonstration

Kids project for Natural Trellis demonstration

So what I did was cut down the branches to fit nicely along the East fence for the Trellis. I had to make sure to cut off the little arms on the branches so the sticks were branch-free. Then I went to Home Depot & bought a spool of twine for about $3 bucks. And wrapped the branches with rows of twine. All the while making sure the twine rows were taut so they will support the vines that will grow around them.

Natural Garden Trellis with Harvested branches & sticks...

Natural Garden Trellis with Harvested branches & sticks…

See pretty cute huh! So all in all I managed to create a fun field trip for my 3 year old son, created a fun art project & made a Natural Trellis for only a few bucks for the garden… Not bad at all…

The Journey continues-Float 2

Today my intentions are to focus on slowing my thoughts down and to gain insight on what’s most important. I will also try to let go of unwanted & negative emotions by meditating on the negative thoughts that I am having & then envisioning releasing them into space.

I will drive to the spa listening to Shannon days cd.

I ate about an hour before the float.

My mood is not elevated. I have been feeling a little subdued. I am somber today but am I not having any particularly negative thoughts. My anxiety is slightly elevated I know this because my heart rate is elevated, I am running hot & I am slightly nervous. However I am excited to float again.

In addiction the addict tends to seek short term relief instead of long term relief. The longer an addict remains abstinent of chemicals their drive moves from seeking short term relief to long term relief. The float pods have enhanced my desire to seek out long term relief. As a quick fix is only that, “a quick fix” which does not help in long term recovery.

Upon exiting the float pod I felt the following:




My muscles are not as sore as they were upon entering the pod.

Ideas swarmed my head as to business ideas and gardening tips. I began to think about all the other people who had floated in the pod, the energies they left behind them and the energies they took with them. In this life many people take for granted how energy plays a role in the world. Particularly the energies we take & we give to this world and to those who inhabit this world. I thought of how everything flows in a circular motion. Many teachings out there teach that the world runs on a linear fashion, this is not the case. Everything, every action, every deed every source of energy comes back to the space where it began. It may take a long time but eventually it all comes back around. Today I try to focus on finding synergy in all things.

In this float I thought of a book I once read by Carlos Castaneda and how it is possible to find your chi spot for mediations and such.It’s amazing how finding just the right spot can make it that much easier for this type of work to accelerate. The float pod is a medium for me to find my chi spot, to be able to relax, let go and just be.

Until next time Peace be with You…

Having a problem with the Cats using the Garden as a Litter box?

Okay so I’m not sure if any of you are or have had these problems, but my kitty seems to think that my garden is a litter box specifically made just for him 🙁

This is a huge problem as cat feces can spread disease throughout the garden. Even though cat feces contain nitrogen, phosphate and potash, which are fertilizers, it does not mean it is safe for the vegetation growing in the garden or for the consumption of the vegetation.


1-Sprinkle red pepper or cayenne pepper in the gardens to detour the cats from wanting to excrete in those spots. Cats are just like dogs, they need to smell the soil and find just the right place. If the ground is covered with hot pepper powder, the kitties will not like these spots. But the problem with this is that the pepper powder does not last long so you have to reapply.

Hot Pepper Powder

“Organic” Hot Pepper powders

2-Get some fine wire mesh & cover the ground floor with it. If kitties cannot bury their feces they will find another spot that they can bury in!

Cat Repellent

Thin wire Mesh!

So I had tried option one, all to no luck my kitty was persistent on going in the garden. So Lastly I had to try the wire mesh idea & wa’la no more using the garden as a little box.

It’s not very expensive and if there are plants already growing just cut a hole big enough so plant does not get damaged by the sharp edges & lay down. I placed a few rocks on the edges to keep them in place.

The tools you need is a bundle of thin wire mesh, a tape measure & cutting sheers. Its so easy I’m very confident that you could set it up with an ease…

True Rest Float Spa-Float 1

Welcome back to my Journey, to a place where my time is my own. The float pods have already showed me another way to look at life and another way to take life on. They have shown me that I can choose to slow down my own thought process.

Today during my float experience I will be focusing on clearing any negative thoughts. I feel as though I have been overwhelmed lately with emotions that i am not in control with and I need to get a strong grasp on them.

Today I will do 15 minutes of pure oxygen before the float. Today I will meditate to 10 minutes of music when I first enter the chamber. This I have learned prepares me for the next 50 minutes of my float time.

Today I will listen to 5 minutes of music at the end of the float. I have learned that this prepares me for the float to end. Previously I have done floats without the 5 minutes of closing music, and I found myself wondering when the float would come to a close. I felt as though I wasted my precious float time by wondering when the float would end. I had Wasted valuable time, time that I cannot get back. I will not do that again!

After the float I will do 10 minutes of pure oxygen. I have noticed that when I do the oxygen after the float it grounds me back to reality, back to the here and now. As well, it helps me process all the things that had just occurred in the chamber.

There are other things that I do to prepare for my float time. One of the most important of them is to go into the float with a light heart and with a clear mind. This is very important as if either of these things cannot be accomplished it can & most likely å affect my float experience in a negative way! So even though my heart is heavy with heart ache, my brain is swimming with thoughts of what could and could’ve been, I will clear my head of those thoughts & focus on the here & now.

Today i was able to “just be“. I was able to quiet my mind. At times I felt as thought I was one with the universe, suspended in still animation.  I could sense my own energy force all around me and began feeling and sensing all of the other energies out there. I began to feel other energy sources flowing into my own, merging in a sort of dance, allowing my energy force to grow stronger, stiller and brighter. “This is a term I have come to understand as Mindfulness”.

I felt at peace. I felt Calm. I felt at ease. Today I was able to, “Just be”.

As a final thought I want to disclose that I am not only going through this process but living it. This is a journey of awakeningmetamorphasizing. The journey continues. I want to thank you for joining me on my journey, until next time…

Peace Be with You