The Journey Continues… Float 10… Time…

Can you categorize or put a sense of time to the things you do on a daily basis? What are the things, projects or people you dedicate most your time to… These are some of the questions that have been swimming in my brain for quite sometime now… and I have put some serious thought into how I spend my time…

Everything takes time...

Everything takes time…

As I entered the pod today I was unsure of what I was going to focus on, all I knew is that this is my special time & I will get the most out of it. As minutes past by & I got deeper into my meditation the word that popped into my head was, “Time”. Everything takes time & in life all we have is this time here on earth.

The float pods use up an hour of time, the drive here takes about 45 minutes, to get dressed & back into reality takes about 30 or so minutes & the drive home takes about 45 to 75 minutes. That is a lot of time that is dedicated to my float time. But that is okay because I highly value this time. This time in the pods is extremely restorative, helpful & enlightening. We can measure the things we care about or value by measuring the amount time we dedicate to them. Lately this has been on mind a lot, especially in friendships & relationships. See the more we value something the more Time we dedicate to them. To me if something is not worth my time then there is little value or space in my life for whatever that may be.

With this in mind I am easily able to rule out the things that are not serving me for the highest good. If a friendship is not serving me, I tend to step away this is a queue that the relationship is not serving me for the highest good. I must then re-evaluate the relationship & ask myself why I hold onto it & how it serves me. In order for us to live to our fullest potential & to do what serves us best, we must let go of the things that are not serving us for the better. Even our jobs or work are measured by the time we dedicate to them. If we hate our jobs so much, then we must evaluate why we remain there day after day. It cannot be just the paycheck because a paycheck can come from anywhere, so we might as well find a job that serves another or us in one way.

Everything takes time… Creating new life takes time, building a friendship, building a home, learning a new language even finding a true Love takes time… so it’s up to us to dedicate the time to the things that matter to us most… and to let go of the things that do not raise our spirits…

Just as with everything in life we have to keep in mind as recovering addicts that the addict goes through a process of evolution. Newly recovered addicts want to rush the process and see immediate results or feel immediate gratification in the recovery process (much like in their addictions). But this is not the case it usually takes months and even years to start feeling “normal”, whatever “Normal” is anyways. And if you were anything like me than you never knew what “normal” was in the first place because I started using at such a young age that I never got the chance to know what normal was let alone to know who I was or what I wanted, because all I knew is that I wanted to feel different  escape the pain that haunted me inside. Recovering from addiction is a long process and should not be rushed. Patience is one of the most valuable virtues to practice while in recovery. How does that saying go, “Let live & let God” this is a great saying as you have to surrender, let life takes it course & learn how to live in this world if you want to make it to the next stage, whatever that maybe.

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

=Morticia Addams=

New addicts are no different than new born babies. Instead of learning how to crawl, learning to walk, learning to eat, learning to use the potty addicts have to learn how to live life, how to build healthy relationships. The newly recovered addict has to learn how to socialize without the use of substances, they have to learn to function in a “sober” world without mind altering substances. All of this can be frightening & most likely will be, but the addict has to keep in mind that “Everything takes Time”. I cannot say this enough! Why, because it is the honest to gods truth. So to you my dear friends, if you are in recovery or have a friend who is in recovery the one thing I would like you to keep in mind is that you have to have great patience for the process to work. It’s a long, scary, frightening process but in the end it is all worth it & your life can & will be filled with so much Love, good friends and hope… So do not give up on yourself because you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for..

Until next time… Peace be with you…

A new appreciation for the Desert…

Value for all… Hidden in the Desert…

montezumas well.1

On Friday on my way up to Sedona to help a Andrew Ecker with Drumming Sounds facilitate a drum circle for The Sedona Yoga Festival I stopped at Montezuma’s Well for a brisk walk, a sip of ancient waters & the beautiful view… I was intrigued by all the knowledge in the signs of the native plants in the area. I have a lot of appreciation for how our Native relatives utilized all every tree, flower, shrub & plant in some form or fashion. Here I took a few pictures of the plants & signs that were displayed…

montezumas well velvet mesquetmontezumas well wolfberrymontezumas well morman teamontezumas well morman tea1montezumas well mariolamontezumas well mariola1montezumas well cliffrose

montezumas well red barberrymontezumas well desert hollyYou know what the Universe works in mysterious ways; just as I was driving up to Montezuma’s Well I had an epic brainstorm about plant identification, then at the well I saw all the signs identifying plants. Then after my hike at the Well what I find most interesting is that when in Sedona a dear friend & I went for a hike at the Stupa we ran into the beautiful minded Illup the Master behind Kejiwa Creations (the best Kombucha I have ever had in my entire life!) & were invited to join a on one of the most exciting moments of my life…a plant identification walk in the red rocks… If I were reading the signs correctly I’d say the Universe was blatantly showing me that it has something in store for me in regards to plant identification… now it’s my turn to take the reins and figure out just what the Universe is trying to show me..

Kejiwa Creations Illup

Illup from Kejiwa Creations facilitating an herbal plant identification walk in the Red Rocks of Sedona

Never in my life, in the 22 years that I have resided in Arizona have I ever had such an appreciation for the Sonoran desert… as I walked on this 2 hour hike with a group of Yogis, I felt like a kid in a candy store… I learned so much about the every day plants we usually take for granted… As I left the tour and drove back down to the Valley of the Sun I was on a complete high, ecstatic & enthusiastic about what the desert holds in its greatness. Now every where I look hidden in cactus, dried up shrubs and intoxicating aromas cures, tinctures, food and tools are hidden every where… 

montezumas well selfie

montezumas well the canalmontezumas well the stairs

So now I admit to the world & to myself that finally after 22 years I can honestly & whole heartedly admit that I have a Great appreciation, a new love & an open mind to what this land offers to the people who reside in it… What have you allowed yourself to appreciate hidden in your local area lately? Have you been able to find beauty, mysticism or peace within your surroundings? If not why & I ask you to open yourself up to what Mother Nature has to show you because hidden beneath every tree, every flower and every rock a magical world awaits you… Now put a smile on your face & embrace all that surrounds you with loving open arms… The Universe is amazing in all that it has in store for us…

Until next time… Peace be with you…

The Journey Continues… Float 9… Serenity…

This has been a very challenging week for me. The full moon this month has been very strong and almost over-powering. I have found myself running on overdrive, almost frantic feeling very anxious maybe even feeling a little manic. Today as I enter the float pod I enter with an open mind & no expectations. I have much gratitude for this beautiful, majical place that provides for me a space to pamper myself, reflect on my life & get lost in my own self.

As I write today what comes to mind is Serenity. And in the pods I am in a state of  serenity. Serenity is defined as the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. source. For me serenity is embracing & accepting with peace, all that has to do within us, throughout us & surrounding us. This includes our soul, our minds, our whole being and what we come in contact with on a daily basis.


When dealing with an addiction it is very hard to find serenity. The idea of surrendering to something else baffles, frightens or honestly confuses the addict. Many people who believe that addiction is a disease also believe that addiction is a form of insanity. Insanity is defined as, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Yep, this sure does sum up the actions of your typical addict. However for me the inability to quiet the mind is what leads one to insanity. The hard reality of being so detached or estranged with life & ourselves. I believe that we unconsciously & sometimes consciously desperately seek out ways to numb ourselves from the pain of this world. This can be from physical pain, emotional pain or from some sort of abuse that was inflicted upon us.

I have learned through trial and error and with battling my own addictions that once we are able to shed our active addictions, we are then able to come to peace with or come to terms with surrendering to the quiet within ourselves. And surrendering to this quiet is Serenity J It just takes time, patience and acceptance but once we get there it feels amazing.

I would like to take a moment to share the serenity prayer with you. For those of you who are familiar with the 12-step programs (especially A.A), then you know this prayer all too well so here is a refresher. And for those of you whom have never heard this, then here you go:

GOD, grant me the serenity

to accept the things
I cannot change,

The courage to change the
things I can, and the
wisdom to know the difference. 

But that is not the whole prayer; the whole prayer goes into a little more depth and is quite beautiful:

GOD, grant me the serenity

to accept the things
I cannot change,

Courage to change the
things I can, and the
wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardship as the
pathway to peace.

Taking, as He did, this
sinful world as it is,
not as I would have it.

Trusting that He will make
all things right if I
surrender to His Will;

That I may be reasonably happy
in this life, and supremely
happy with Him forever in
the next.


This prayer strikes a chord on so many levels. The wisdom in this poem is profound and if we can take each verse as it is, believe in it & practice it, then we will finally reach a true state of Serenity. This however does not come easy. And I will admit I struggle from time to time to be able to accept all these points all the time. But what helps me, is to keep it close to my heart, fresh in my mind & when I find myself struggling I remember that things will come just as they are. Things will happen as they were meant to happen. And all things are determined by the cosmos (not that we cannot move things or manifest things in our favor) and with my understanding of that, then I can live in a state of serenity. Maybe serenity is easy for you, maybe it is hard to grasp the idea of this but all the same it is something to strive towards.

Until next time Peace be with you…