A little about what we do at Free Spirit & Mind Holistics…

LumaraRose (Rose) is a certified Wellness Practitioner, has obtained a degree in Addictions and Substance Abuse Counseling & is a certified Southwest herbalist. She began her process with the arts, herbal medicine & holistic health as a personal highway to inspiration and transcendence through who own personal struggles with abandonment, addiction & trauma. Through Holistic practices incorporating the Mind, Body, Spirit Connections, she restores the internal balance of sufferers with PTSD & addiction. If you or a loved one is seeking coaching or counseling for any life issues please contact her for an appointment via email freespiritandmindaz@gmail.com or reach out to her on social media at Free Spirit & Mind on Facebook.

LumaraRose (Rose) at the Sedona airport vortex. Phot credit to Linda June Rettingero

LumaraRose (Rose) at the Sedona airport vortex. Photo credit to Linda June Rettinger