The Journey Continues… Jesse James Float-1

Hey guys by now I sure hope you have pampered yourself with a float, if not come on it’s about time that you treat yourself to some, “You-Time”. I have been floating at Jesse James Body Wellness center & I want to share with you that Jesse sure knows how to make you feel Welcome, safe & relaxed… Jesse & his team have set up a beautiful cozy little spa. The spa is complete with a Float Tank, a Naturalpathic Doctor, a massage therapists, a smoothie bar & essential oils.The Wellness Center is Centrally located in Phoenix Az on Bethany Home Rd & 16th St, right across the street from Lucy’s. Here is a link to the map.

Upon arriving at The Spa Jesse has a little sign right out front that Welcomes the “Scheduled floater”, seeing this sign sure brightened up my day…Reserved for Rose

As usual before any float I like to find some time to sit, write & reflect on my intentions for the float that day… As a re-cap my float-time is a Special time & I dedicate to myself to unwind, focus, meditate, cleanse & Just Be… Here is a short video on my thoughts & Intentions before the float this day…

For many addicts we find ourselves Quick to React to situations, questions, defending ourselves or engaging in activities that may not be good for us in the long run. This has a lot to do with our Cognitive thought process and processing the entire situation before we “React”. I find that addicts share a similar trait, we want things “Now”, we want things when we want them & there is no holding back. When at times this maybe a good trait to have it can & does get us into trouble plenty of times.

During the float I was not able to find any magic answers to my Intention that was set for the day, but what i did find was that I was able to get more intimate with myself on a Spiritual level (simply by mediating for a longer period of time) than I have in a while. In everyday life we all like to tell ourselves, I will make myself a better or more “enlightened” person by mediating on a daily basis. I will do Yoga & learn a new position today. I will not eat junk foods or sweets today. Whatever we tell ourselves may not be what actually happens even if we have true intentions to see it through. For instance I like to meditate several times a week but I do not make the time on a regular basis or for the amount of time I like to meditate (a minimum of 45 minutes). So my float time allows the time for my meditation. And Never have I regretted floating as with each float I gain something out of the experience. Here are my thoughts from right after the float…

We should never set our expectations too high, for expectations are not healthy. What will happen will happen one way or another no matter how much we may wish for a desired result or affect. The tough part is allowing ourselves to be okay with whatever the out come… For me I find it easier to accept the outcome if I can find something in the situation that is either serving me for the highest good (that way I can acknowledge it) or realizing something is not serving me in one way or another. As for the later that is not always easy to accept but when we can accept it than it is ou duty to correct the issue & do what serves us best even if it kills us emotionally, in the end letting things go that are not lifting your spirits is better than hanging onto those things that bring us down… in the end the choice is ours…

“Lower you expectation of Earth. This is not heaven, so don’t expect it to be.”

=Max Lucada=

Until Next time… Peace be with You

The Journey Continues… Float 10… Time…

Can you categorize or put a sense of time to the things you do on a daily basis? What are the things, projects or people you dedicate most your time to… These are some of the questions that have been swimming in my brain for quite sometime now… and I have put some serious thought into how I spend my time…

Everything takes time...

Everything takes time…

As I entered the pod today I was unsure of what I was going to focus on, all I knew is that this is my special time & I will get the most out of it. As minutes past by & I got deeper into my meditation the word that popped into my head was, “Time”. Everything takes time & in life all we have is this time here on earth.

The float pods use up an hour of time, the drive here takes about 45 minutes, to get dressed & back into reality takes about 30 or so minutes & the drive home takes about 45 to 75 minutes. That is a lot of time that is dedicated to my float time. But that is okay because I highly value this time. This time in the pods is extremely restorative, helpful & enlightening. We can measure the things we care about or value by measuring the amount time we dedicate to them. Lately this has been on mind a lot, especially in friendships & relationships. See the more we value something the more Time we dedicate to them. To me if something is not worth my time then there is little value or space in my life for whatever that may be.

With this in mind I am easily able to rule out the things that are not serving me for the highest good. If a friendship is not serving me, I tend to step away this is a queue that the relationship is not serving me for the highest good. I must then re-evaluate the relationship & ask myself why I hold onto it & how it serves me. In order for us to live to our fullest potential & to do what serves us best, we must let go of the things that are not serving us for the better. Even our jobs or work are measured by the time we dedicate to them. If we hate our jobs so much, then we must evaluate why we remain there day after day. It cannot be just the paycheck because a paycheck can come from anywhere, so we might as well find a job that serves another or us in one way.

Everything takes time… Creating new life takes time, building a friendship, building a home, learning a new language even finding a true Love takes time… so it’s up to us to dedicate the time to the things that matter to us most… and to let go of the things that do not raise our spirits…

Just as with everything in life we have to keep in mind as recovering addicts that the addict goes through a process of evolution. Newly recovered addicts want to rush the process and see immediate results or feel immediate gratification in the recovery process (much like in their addictions). But this is not the case it usually takes months and even years to start feeling “normal”, whatever “Normal” is anyways. And if you were anything like me than you never knew what “normal” was in the first place because I started using at such a young age that I never got the chance to know what normal was let alone to know who I was or what I wanted, because all I knew is that I wanted to feel different  escape the pain that haunted me inside. Recovering from addiction is a long process and should not be rushed. Patience is one of the most valuable virtues to practice while in recovery. How does that saying go, “Let live & let God” this is a great saying as you have to surrender, let life takes it course & learn how to live in this world if you want to make it to the next stage, whatever that maybe.

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

=Morticia Addams=

New addicts are no different than new born babies. Instead of learning how to crawl, learning to walk, learning to eat, learning to use the potty addicts have to learn how to live life, how to build healthy relationships. The newly recovered addict has to learn how to socialize without the use of substances, they have to learn to function in a “sober” world without mind altering substances. All of this can be frightening & most likely will be, but the addict has to keep in mind that “Everything takes Time”. I cannot say this enough! Why, because it is the honest to gods truth. So to you my dear friends, if you are in recovery or have a friend who is in recovery the one thing I would like you to keep in mind is that you have to have great patience for the process to work. It’s a long, scary, frightening process but in the end it is all worth it & your life can & will be filled with so much Love, good friends and hope… So do not give up on yourself because you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for..

Until next time… Peace be with you…

The Journey Continues… Float 9… Serenity…

This has been a very challenging week for me. The full moon this month has been very strong and almost over-powering. I have found myself running on overdrive, almost frantic feeling very anxious maybe even feeling a little manic. Today as I enter the float pod I enter with an open mind & no expectations. I have much gratitude for this beautiful, majical place that provides for me a space to pamper myself, reflect on my life & get lost in my own self.

As I write today what comes to mind is Serenity. And in the pods I am in a state of  serenity. Serenity is defined as the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. source. For me serenity is embracing & accepting with peace, all that has to do within us, throughout us & surrounding us. This includes our soul, our minds, our whole being and what we come in contact with on a daily basis.


When dealing with an addiction it is very hard to find serenity. The idea of surrendering to something else baffles, frightens or honestly confuses the addict. Many people who believe that addiction is a disease also believe that addiction is a form of insanity. Insanity is defined as, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Yep, this sure does sum up the actions of your typical addict. However for me the inability to quiet the mind is what leads one to insanity. The hard reality of being so detached or estranged with life & ourselves. I believe that we unconsciously & sometimes consciously desperately seek out ways to numb ourselves from the pain of this world. This can be from physical pain, emotional pain or from some sort of abuse that was inflicted upon us.

I have learned through trial and error and with battling my own addictions that once we are able to shed our active addictions, we are then able to come to peace with or come to terms with surrendering to the quiet within ourselves. And surrendering to this quiet is Serenity J It just takes time, patience and acceptance but once we get there it feels amazing.

I would like to take a moment to share the serenity prayer with you. For those of you who are familiar with the 12-step programs (especially A.A), then you know this prayer all too well so here is a refresher. And for those of you whom have never heard this, then here you go:

GOD, grant me the serenity

to accept the things
I cannot change,

The courage to change the
things I can, and the
wisdom to know the difference. 

But that is not the whole prayer; the whole prayer goes into a little more depth and is quite beautiful:

GOD, grant me the serenity

to accept the things
I cannot change,

Courage to change the
things I can, and the
wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardship as the
pathway to peace.

Taking, as He did, this
sinful world as it is,
not as I would have it.

Trusting that He will make
all things right if I
surrender to His Will;

That I may be reasonably happy
in this life, and supremely
happy with Him forever in
the next.


This prayer strikes a chord on so many levels. The wisdom in this poem is profound and if we can take each verse as it is, believe in it & practice it, then we will finally reach a true state of Serenity. This however does not come easy. And I will admit I struggle from time to time to be able to accept all these points all the time. But what helps me, is to keep it close to my heart, fresh in my mind & when I find myself struggling I remember that things will come just as they are. Things will happen as they were meant to happen. And all things are determined by the cosmos (not that we cannot move things or manifest things in our favor) and with my understanding of that, then I can live in a state of serenity. Maybe serenity is easy for you, maybe it is hard to grasp the idea of this but all the same it is something to strive towards.

Until next time Peace be with you…

The Journey Continues… Float 8… Addiction

The Journey Continues… Float 8… Addiction

The term addiction is described as, “A condition that results when a person ingests a substance or engages in an activity that can be pleasurable but the continued use/act of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work, relationships, or health.” I am not sure about you, but for me I have battled with many forms of addiction over the span of my life. Addictions come in all forms and for me I have been addicted to drugs, adrenaline rushes, shopping, cigarettes, Greys Anatomy; you know all those deeply seeded, pleasure seeking habits that we just can’t stop even if we try our best at times. Everyone of these and more(that were not named) have disabled me from performing regular daily living activities. My life and wellbeing have been compromised time & time again.

Addiction... A Downside to humanity!

Addiction… A Downside to humanity!

The main reason I wanted to start floating at True Rest and engage in the float pods, was to try and remedy some of my addictions. In the research I have done, I have learned that sensory deprivation tanks have been proven to reset the brain(via our brain waves) and the way the brain thinks all together. I consider this type of process as the cognitive thought process. In case you are unaware or simply need a refresher, “The Cognitive Approach in psychology is a relatively modern approach to human behaviour that focuses on how we think, with the belief that such thought processes affect the way in which we behave (other approaches take other factors into account, such as the biological approach, which acknowledges the influences of genetics and chemical imbalances on our behaviour).”  For me, I believe addiction was built into my physiology & biology, as I come form a long line of addicts. In addiction to biology, I was given drugs by my birth parents from birth until I was removed my home(tent) at age 4. I believe this reinforced addiction, as well as formed addiction into my personality. Then as the years moved on, I sought out drugs as a way to “unfeel” the world, the pains, the trauma and the abuse that had been imposed upon me. So yes, I too am taking accountability for my career in addiction. Over time I learned drugs did not help me “unfeel”, they only numbed me, stunted my personal growth and disabled me from evolving.

However after after 11 floats at True Rest I can honestly say that I have seen the affects of the floats on my addictions. My cognitive thought process has slowed tremendously. Since Thanks Giving, I have not had the desire to smoke cigarettes. I typically like to enjoy a glass of wine 3-4 times a week, as of lately the thought of enjoying a glass of wine has only been a few times a month(and typically in a social situation). As you can see these are hard facts that my addictions are becoming a part of the past. And I relate the diminish in addiction to the float tanks at True Rest!

My advice to you and anyone you may know that is suffering with addition, is to go to at least 4 floats & see if you notice any differences. I have no doubts in my mind that if you partake in floating, honestly do the work while you are in the floats(practice mediation, manifest your desires, shed your addictions) that floating can aid in just about any addiction in any person! This is real stuff. This is real life. And for me I choose a better, healthy quality of life for myself, for my personal evolution and for my future…

Until next time… Peace be with you…


Source, source


The Journey Continues… Float 6

The Journey Continues… Float 6

Confidence & self-esteem go hand in hand. They both play a role in our self-talk. Self-talk affects our self-worth & our view on our self-worth affects our confidence. For addicts, I have found that one of the most important things a newly recovering addict must focus on is improving their self-worth.


Many addicts suffer with poor confidence & low self-esteem. I believe this comes from years of the uncertainty of who we are. Trying to figure out our roots, paths and where we should be heading. For me it was very easy to lose my path since I did not grow up in a stable home. Without this foundation and stability I found it very difficult to focus on whom I was, what I wanted and where I wanted to go. Uncertain on how to deal with all the issues that were in front of me (the insecurities of who I was, who I should be & where I belonged), that when I was introduced to drugs, it made it easy to decide to “not make any decisions” while under the influence. And for me at the time seemed like the quickest fix. Now I realize that quick fixes are not what I desire, but long-term solutions and corrections to character defects. For me I define character defects by all the things, little quarks and beliefs that I either find fault in, want to correct or need to remedy by finding another way to look, deal or cope with things.

There are reasons an addict develops an addiction. Some causes are evident like abuse, gender issues etc. While some reasons are not evident, and have deeper roots. I believe the later is one a large factor for how an addiction develops in the first place. I’m not sure about you, but for me not knowing, is always the hardest!

Many addicts internalize insecurities, such as feelings of unworthiness, not fitting in, identity issues and the like. Once these are internalized and the person is not sure how to deal with such issues, it is easy to forget about them with the aid of an outside source, like drugs. Many people are very lucky in that they have no desire or simply do not like the affects of drug induced states, while others, those who are susceptible into becoming addicts are absolutely enthralled by the affects produced with outside influences.

Today I will focus on my self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. I do not need anyone to acknowledge me, to accept me or to judge me. What I need more than anything is to believe I am worthy, to have the confidence to make the right choices for my life.

I will do this by meditating while in the pods. I have chosen a cave system for this exercise, as caves symbolize the unconscious mind, hidden internal feelings & desires. The cave also symbolizes a place where the self and ego unite. I will enter the cave and have to word confidence etched on the ceiling of the cave. That way I have to look up to see the word confidence which to me is a symbolisms’ to how people with good self-esteem look up and how people with poor self-esteem look to the ground, as they unconsciously feel unworthy to meet others gazes. I will consciously look up to the etching throughout the meditation & embody the word confidence. I will do this by using affirmations & reminding myself of all the amazing things I have accomplished and or am good at.

This was a really good exercise & I came out feeling refreshed, feeling strong & feeling on top of the world. I became lost in my cave system, wandering around focusing on the trickle of water flowing form the hidden cracks & crevasses. I felt very connected to this cave. This was a very good grounding meditation. I would recommend for all women to do this mediation, as it really lifted my spirits.

Until next time…Peace be with you…



The Journey Continues… Float 7

The Journey Continues… Float 7 

Well let’s just say that every time I get into the pod I am not able to slow my mind down to enjoy the full benefits. Especially today! I went into the spa knowing that I have a head cold. I kept thinking oh crap, am I gonna be able to make it through the entire float without having to blow my nose. Needless to say, the float was not as relaxing as it usually is… but I did not let that stop me from finding my happy place.

Over & over again I found myself drifting off thinking about many things other than floating; I just can not shut off my mind. At times like these I have to remind myself to enjoy the time I have right now. As when I step into the pods I only have one hour to get the most out of them. As Eckhart Tolle says, “let go of the need to understand anything…” Time and time again, I find myself struggling with exactly this. And when this happens I have to remind myself that I do not need to understand everything; that it is okay to just enjoy this moment, this time in space… I would think after telling myself something enough I would not have to tell myself that again. Nope that’s not the case and that is okay, as it is human nature to second guess ourselves.

So with this, I want to remind you whether it is in the pods, at home or in traffic … you do not have to know everything, think about tomorrow, just enjoy this moment… because if you really think about it, you will only be just as you are in this very moment, because after this moment we are forever changing, forever evolving and forever not the same…

Until next time… Peace be with you…

The Journey Continues… Float 5

The Journey Continues… Float 5

During the past few months I have gained a lot of things out of floating at True Rest. I have gained confidence in myself. I have noticed a positive change in my cognitive thought process. And I have had great success with meditations.

The float Chamber

The float Chamber

I have noticed my confidence level has raised. I do not second guess myself as much. I do not care as much for what others think of me. And I feel stronger and am proud of the women I am today.

As for the cognitive changes. I have noticed that I make better, sounder decisions. My impulsivity has dropped. My ability to pay attention to things has improved.

I have always meditated, but adding meditation to the float pod experiences, truly enhances the whole meditation experience. I am able to go deeper into meditations. I am able to return to sacred spaces at ease. And I have been successful with various meditation modalities.

Great things come from the float pods. Very magical experiences indeed. I am always looking forward to my next float… the possibilities are endless

Float pod1

Until next time… Peace be with You…

The Journey Continues…Float 4…

For most people they do not grow up with the plans of becoming addicts. It is not as if one day they wake up and say, “Oh hey I think I’m gonna become addicted to something so that all my thoughts, actions and behaviors orbit this one obsession…” No that is not how it is. For most addicts there is something that triggers drug addiction. It can be anything from disturbance in family life, school, peer pressure, traumas, predisposition, environmental factors etc.

It is vital for an addict to understand where their addictions arose. If an addict wants half a chance to remain abstinent from their drug of choice, they must come to terms with their inner demons. Coming to terms with inner demons is not a “Cure-all”. It simply is one of the many tools an addict may utilize to remain clean.

In order to become healthy and remain sober an addict must acknowledge the past. Accept and forgive choices and mistakes made. This includes people in their lives and is one of the steps to the 12-step program of A.A. The addict is forever in a state of metamorphasizing. Similar to how the caterpillar goes through several stages to become a butterfly, the addict must relearn how to live. An addict changes themselves entirely, their morals, values, belief systems, how they view the world, how they live, breath, eat, drink, the people they choose to surround their selves with etc. Typically this happens at the beginning, during addiction and in the recovery process.

Recognizing triggers, acknowledging traumas and embracing pains are some of the inner demons I am referring to. These are also some of the inner demons I am currently working on coming to terms with. I have practiced many things to understand, accept or relive my traumas. Some of these worked and some of these didn’t. Therefore in this float I will try a meditation technique I learned in one of Jere Friedmans Gong baths. This technique is known as Holoenergetic Healing.

What I will do is visualize myself in 4 stages of life (typically it is 3 but I felt more comfortable with four).

1-My inner child

2-My teen self

3-My young adult self

4-The recovered self after the age of 25

In the meditation I will envision all 4 selves standing in front of myself. I will attempt to remember, relive and work through all of the traumas. I will whole-heartedly feel how I felt in each stage of life, during each trauma and in each memory. I will then forgive each self and tell them that they were not at fault and that they can forgive themselves for all that they went through. Finally I will hug each self and ask them to let go of the pains, self doubts and fears.


Wow that was incredible that was one of the most powerful meditations I have experienced. I disappeared from this world, from everything that keeps one grounded to this plane of existence. In the middle of the float I awoke in another world, surrounded by bright warm light. I felt so at peace & so much Love

As I breathed out the pains of each self I literally felt the negative energy being released through each appendage. It felt as though waves of energy & light shot like lightening bolts from my being… It couldn’t have been more perfecting timing as the music kicked in to cue me the float was almost over, I was hugging myself and bidding them farewell. I felt so much peace as I watched each self turn around & disappear into the forest.





Until next time… Peace be with You…

The Journey Continues-Float3

This week my focus is on vulnerability. I want to discuss this as vulnerability affects everyone. According to merriam-websters dictionary the definition of vulnerable is; capable of being physically or emotionally wounded or being open to attack or damage : assailable. To me being vulnerable means allowing yourself to be open, unguarded, showing ourselves completely to the world without the fears of being judged, rejected or  chastised for our beliefs. How is vulnerability and the float pods related. Well for one, when you are in the float pod you are lying naked, exposed to the world. Two your mind is vulnerable to the silence, the cosmos and to our deepest thoughts. Three your senses are vulnerable to everything, as there is hardly anytime that we are surrounded in complete silence.

Throughout the years and with all of the things I have been exposed to I have taught myself to safe-guard myself from the world, making sure that when I am vulnerable I can be kept safe by keeping my guard up at all times. In the past few years it has been a struggle to accept the fact that I do not need to keep my guard up, that it is okay to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is part of being human, in fact I think it is essential for human beings to be vulnerable this shows the world that are truly human.

Being vulnerable also means binge completely honest with ourselves. The float pods are a great way to explore ourselves, as in the pods we have nothing other than our nakedness, our own thoughts and the truth of what is. The float pods allow us to be completely vulnerable to what is, what has been and what could be.

I want to give thanks to the float pods for reserving a special spot for me to allow myself to be completely vulnerable & utterly exposed to the world…

Until next time Peace be with You…

The Journey continues-Float 2

Today my intentions are to focus on slowing my thoughts down and to gain insight on what’s most important. I will also try to let go of unwanted & negative emotions by meditating on the negative thoughts that I am having & then envisioning releasing them into space.

I will drive to the spa listening to Shannon days cd.

I ate about an hour before the float.

My mood is not elevated. I have been feeling a little subdued. I am somber today but am I not having any particularly negative thoughts. My anxiety is slightly elevated I know this because my heart rate is elevated, I am running hot & I am slightly nervous. However I am excited to float again.

In addiction the addict tends to seek short term relief instead of long term relief. The longer an addict remains abstinent of chemicals their drive moves from seeking short term relief to long term relief. The float pods have enhanced my desire to seek out long term relief. As a quick fix is only that, “a quick fix” which does not help in long term recovery.

Upon exiting the float pod I felt the following:




My muscles are not as sore as they were upon entering the pod.

Ideas swarmed my head as to business ideas and gardening tips. I began to think about all the other people who had floated in the pod, the energies they left behind them and the energies they took with them. In this life many people take for granted how energy plays a role in the world. Particularly the energies we take & we give to this world and to those who inhabit this world. I thought of how everything flows in a circular motion. Many teachings out there teach that the world runs on a linear fashion, this is not the case. Everything, every action, every deed every source of energy comes back to the space where it began. It may take a long time but eventually it all comes back around. Today I try to focus on finding synergy in all things.

In this float I thought of a book I once read by Carlos Castaneda and how it is possible to find your chi spot for mediations and such.It’s amazing how finding just the right spot can make it that much easier for this type of work to accelerate. The float pod is a medium for me to find my chi spot, to be able to relax, let go and just be.

Until next time Peace be with You…

True Rest Float Spa-Float 1

Welcome back to my Journey, to a place where my time is my own. The float pods have already showed me another way to look at life and another way to take life on. They have shown me that I can choose to slow down my own thought process.

Today during my float experience I will be focusing on clearing any negative thoughts. I feel as though I have been overwhelmed lately with emotions that i am not in control with and I need to get a strong grasp on them.

Today I will do 15 minutes of pure oxygen before the float. Today I will meditate to 10 minutes of music when I first enter the chamber. This I have learned prepares me for the next 50 minutes of my float time.

Today I will listen to 5 minutes of music at the end of the float. I have learned that this prepares me for the float to end. Previously I have done floats without the 5 minutes of closing music, and I found myself wondering when the float would come to a close. I felt as though I wasted my precious float time by wondering when the float would end. I had Wasted valuable time, time that I cannot get back. I will not do that again!

After the float I will do 10 minutes of pure oxygen. I have noticed that when I do the oxygen after the float it grounds me back to reality, back to the here and now. As well, it helps me process all the things that had just occurred in the chamber.

There are other things that I do to prepare for my float time. One of the most important of them is to go into the float with a light heart and with a clear mind. This is very important as if either of these things cannot be accomplished it can & most likely å affect my float experience in a negative way! So even though my heart is heavy with heart ache, my brain is swimming with thoughts of what could and could’ve been, I will clear my head of those thoughts & focus on the here & now.

Today i was able to “just be“. I was able to quiet my mind. At times I felt as thought I was one with the universe, suspended in still animation.  I could sense my own energy force all around me and began feeling and sensing all of the other energies out there. I began to feel other energy sources flowing into my own, merging in a sort of dance, allowing my energy force to grow stronger, stiller and brighter. “This is a term I have come to understand as Mindfulness”.

I felt at peace. I felt Calm. I felt at ease. Today I was able to, “Just be”.

As a final thought I want to disclose that I am not only going through this process but living it. This is a journey of awakeningmetamorphasizing. The journey continues. I want to thank you for joining me on my journey, until next time…

Peace Be with You

True Rest Float Float Spa… The Journey Begins…

My Journey begins to conduct floats at True Rest Float Spa to enhance my recovery from addictions & help reduce my developmental PTSD. Let me tell you about my sense. These are the things that we smell, taste, touch, hear & feel in general round us. I enter into the float tank to find my center, to create a balance & to become more aware of my parasympathetic system-pretty big word parasympathetic system, let me briefly explain.

Parasympathetic System is 1 of 3 of our autonomic nervous systems. It is responsible for the slowing of our heart rate, the increase of intestinal & gland activity and is responsible for our”Fight or Flight” response.

We all have this “Fight or Flight” response, this is what makes us fight or freeze when something dramatic happens to us. Freeze is not a life saving instinct & I am what you would call a fighter so my natural instinct is to “Fight”. The floats have & will continue to help control this instinct and allow me to slow down my reactions in certain situations. As with any addict, we react more than we freeze!

Doing the floats at True rest have been very invigorating, revitalizing and an awakening experience. But doing a float is much more than just than getting undressed, opening the chamber door, and floating for an hour or two—hoping for something to happen…

Floats are much more than that! You have to be prepared for the float if you want to get a worthy experience. The floats are also known as A “Sensory deprivation tank”. That means that all of your  senses will be deprived once you enter the chamber. In the army soldiers are trained to be a Prisoner of War by entering sensory deprivation tanks. This teaches them how to act, react and what to expect for if and when they become a prisoner of war. Many  soldiers think that it will be a piece of cake and expect that it will be easy. When in fact this is generally not the case. Soldiers freak out, cry, become emotional with things on their mind, because they were not expecting to be in complete control of all their senses. Therefore before I enter the chamber I prepare myself for all my senses to be deprived.These are a few things I have learned from my past 4 floats that I need to prepare for:

1-Have some personal time before the float to think about what I will be focusing on.Go in with an intention in mind.

2-Do not have too high expectations.

3-Do not engage in any hostile experiences right before a float.

4-Wear ear plugs-otherwise I keep thinking about the water getting in my ears as they tend to pop or fill with water. If the spa you go to does not provide them I suggest you purchase some wax ones & keep them!

5-I like to journal before and after my float as a guide to what I experienced and as a reference to future floats.

Welcome to my journey, my hand is out stretched to you. I enter the float tank alone, as do all of you but if you find reading this before you do your floats, know that I am right there with you… so until next time… Peace be with you…