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Free Spirit & Mind is a project created & founded by LumaraRose ”Rose” All funds are supplied by her, through her own personal funds, enterprises and with the revenue that’s generated though her holistic services & herbal products. 

LumaraRose “Rose” in her element working in the gardens at The Enchanted Forest Summer 2018

If you are wanting to help fund her Free Spirit & Mind project please donate here

If you have anything you wish to donate to her Vision please contact us here to make arrangements. You may view her wish list below.

Here is a list of things she is wanting for the apothecary or to advance her personal ventures

  • Funds or scholarship for the East West Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) Program $3,000

East West Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) Program

  • Funds or Scholarship for the Family Herbalist Course $799
  • Funds for a reliable van or SUV for off-road terrain
  • Travels to wild-crafting locations in the states
  • Travels to South America
  • Travels around the globe
  • Copper still $450
  • Glass still for essential oils $350
  • Medicinal seeds
  • Garden soil and compost
  • Funds for her gardens
  • Oil press for olives, jajoba & other plants
  • Sugar cane press
  • General apothecary tools, bottles, oils, organic everclear

If you wish be remain anonymous we will honor that but keep in mind that Rose is wanting to thank you for your contribution with a free gift package. If you are interested in that option please fill out this form along with donating to the link above so she may thank you personally with her gratitude offerings.

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All donations will be allocated appropriately. And we humbly thank you for all that you do.
Is there any specific way you are dedicating the funds for? Did you view our wish list on our Support our Vision page?

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