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Welcome to Earth Guardians Phoenix Tribe

Phoenix Tribe Mission

Earth Guardians Phoenix Tribe is designed to help the local CommUnity reconnect with Nature, commune with the elements & reclaim our bond with Mother Earth. Through providing education, leadership and hands on skills, the commUnity is given the tools and self-esteem to help shape the kind of world they want to live in as well as the help the future generations.

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Phoenix Tribe Founder

LumaraRose spends her time as an Urban Healer. Her main passion is working with Nature. In doing so, she has dedicated her time & resources in becoming an Herbal Goddess through herbalism, urban farming, gardening & her Earth Guardians Phoenix Tribe. In herbalism she practices as an ethnobotanist. As an ethnobotanist she focuses on Native plant medicines in her region. She travels the Southwest hunting wild herbs  & plants down, harvesting them & bringing them back to her apothecary to craft usable medicines. Through her travels and experience she has developed an even deeper love and appreciation for Nature, the elements and tending to the Earth. Locally she tends to her garden & helps others create edible food forests. She works with local networks such as the Urban farm & GrowPhx networking to turn Phoenix into an edible food forest as well. With her Earth Guardias group she stewards the CommUnity in caring for their environment & to connect with Nature.

LumaraRose “Rose” in her element working in the gardens at The Enchanted Forest Summer 2018

While Rose was the Space Keeper for a mini in-post Intentional CommUnity called “The Enchanted Forest” she created the Earth Guardians. For the tribes first year, events were hosted primarily there. Since she left events are being hosted at various locations. What’s nice about the core Tribe members, is each parent takes turns hosting the groups at either their houses or at their favorite Nature locations.

As a mother of a beautiful growing boy named Vance, she has struggled with finding ideas on how to incorporate her vision of working with plants, tending the land & healing the Earth with her son…

Vance hiking Mt. Lemmon summer of 2018

As you know, children all have their own personalities and as it happens, Vance’s personality is not so fond of Nature as his mother’s. But even with these difference she spends her time sharing her passion with her kiddo.

Back to school pics 2018 in front of the new north garden bed & the Harmonic vibration chamber at The Enchanted Forest

So… with many years & time thinking about how she could create a safe fun space for Vance to learn these things… she searched for an Earth Guardians near her but there wasn’t a local chapter for Vance to become part of. So, in 2017 LumaraRose reached out to the Colorado chapter & began working with them to become the founder of the Earth Guardians Phoenix Tribe… 

And so the Journey began… We look forward to expanding & growing our tribe.

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Company Overview

Earth Guardians is an organization of dedicated youth and adult mentors from around the world. We are committed to working together to protect the Earth, water, air and atmosphere so our generation, and those to follow, inherit a healthy, just and sustainable planet.

Earth Guardians is empowering a generation of young environmental and social leaders by providing education, tools and resources to become effective leaders in their communities. We inspire youth to connect with their creative passion and take it into positive action.

We believe that today’s youth have a vital role in addressing our environmental and climate crisis and in creating the kind of world we want, and deserve to live in. This is evident by the rising movement of youth that is growing around the planet to protect the Earth and our Future.

General Information

Earth Guardians is committed to protecting the Earth, the Water, the Air and the Atmosphere so future generations inherit a healthy, just sustainable planet!

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