Herbal Salves are made various ways. I however am fond of using the alcohol intermediate process. This process involves soaking the dried herb in alcohol for at least an hour. Then it is strained and mixed with other ingredients such as wax, other herbal oils or essential oils to produce a high quality herbal salve. 

Just so you know, I also use a yellow beeswax, which contains the pollen.

Wart Bee-Gone Salve “Emerald Collection” for the treatment of HPV & Warts.

You will notice instantly the quality of the products you receive  from my shop. 

I am very proud of the salves that I make & personally want to thank my greatest mentor Charles W. Kane for sharing his knowledge with me. Hence without him, I would not be who I am today. Visit Charles’s website here.

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  • Chronic Pain Salve “Emerald Collection”

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  • Wart Bee-Gone Salve “Emerald Collection”

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  • Nerve Stimulation Salve “Emerald Collection”

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