Teas please… 

Most of my teas are wild-crafted. Which means that I go to the wild, hunt the plants down and then bring them back to my apothecary. Once they are in my apothecary they are sanitized and dried. 

Some of the herbs have been garden grown. As a passionate gardener, I love tending the land so I strive to grow my own herbs.

Each teas formula has been tried by trial and error and I am constantly finding new formulas or tweaking existing ones. However, the quality is always above average.

Try pairing any one of these hand-crafted teas with my herbal honies. I invite you to check them out on this link to my store here.

Most of these teas are for internal use but some are steams. Like our Yoni steam. The Sacred Yoni Steam is for women to refresh them in ways they didn’t know is possible.

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  • Woolly Blue Curl Tea

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  • Detoxifying Big Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) Wild-Crafted Tea

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  • Happy Daze Tea Blend

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  • The Relaxation Method Herbal Tea

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  • Fibromyalgia, Arthritis & other Joint Pain Relief Snakeweed Therapy

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  • Sacred Yoni Steam

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  • Kidney Flush Herbal Tea

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  • Itchy Be-Gone Doggie Rinse Tea Formula

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