Handcrafted Palo Verde Needle Basket with Brilliant Blue Agate



LumaraRose (Rose) is a local Phoenix artist who began her process with arts & crafts as a personal highway to inspiration and transcendence. It is through her artistic expression, the vehicle of love and healing that she has been able to transcend her own personal conflicts of adoption at age 6, childhood abuse, self-identity, drug addiction & poverty. It is evident in the elegance and beauty of her artwork that she possesses tangible art and a creative movement as an artist. Rose manifests light, hopefulness and inspiration in all that she does. The true & authentication ability to manifest love and healing through her art is what gives her pieces a true and special place in the world canvas of artistic expression…special place in the world canvas of artistic expression…Each Palo Verde pine needle baskets are handmade & one of a kind. I was inspired by the indigenous people of the desert to recreate pine needle baskets made from harvested materials here in the Sonoran desert.

Each basket takes days to make. The process takes perseverance, industriousness, diligence and dedication.

The agates are hand-picked for their beauty and delicately laid in an epoxy resin, set to dry for days and drilled by hand in order to weave the needles to make the basket. This basket features a bright Brazilian blue agate slice with Geode Crystal Center.

Brilliant Blue Palo Verde Pine Needle basket

Made from Locally harvested Palo Verde Trees from the Sonoran Desert

Brilliant Blue Palo Verde Pine Needle basket

Brilliant Blue Palo Verde Pine Needle basket

Brilliant Blue Palo Verde Pine Needle basket

Look how the light catches…

Brilliant Blue Agate Palo Verde Needle Basket

Such delicate work!

The process begins by harvesting Palo Verde needles from the Sonoran desert (this process can take hours). Blood, sweat & sometimes tears are shed in the process of collecting the needles from the bountiful Palo Verde Trees! This however is a very soothing & meditational process for me. Allowing me to feel one with the Earth, Mother Nature and what she provides for us here on Earth. While gathering the pine needles I reflect on how we as a society take things for granted. Years ago before modern conveniences if an indigenous woman wanted a pine needle basket they had to endure hours, days and sometimes weeks to complete just one basket. There were no Goodwill’s, ebay, Amazons or online shopping malls to order from with the quickness of only a click of a button. Cultures all over the world have taken pride in their Art of making such baskets. And so here I present to you a lovely work of art. This item can be used for spiritual practices, collecting trinkets, rock holders, holding your tobacco or simply for its authentic nature and symbolism of what it means to you.

Add this one of a kind basket to your collection, gift to friend or an elder and take some time to reflect on what Mother Nature does for you and your family. For me the Sonoran desert is a safe place for my son & I to venture, to build happy & exciting memories on the trips we take, places we have explored and trails we have hiked. We use our time in the desert to reconnect with what was once lost in nature. We show our gratitude by giving thanks & blessings to the plants, animals & life we come across on our journeys during our harvests. And we invite you to reconnect with your indigenous roots, whatever they maybe and where ever they may take you…

If you are interested in a custom order please feel free to fill out the product inquiries form.

Dimensions: w 4.5” by h 1.25”

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