Having a problem with the Cats using the Garden as a Litter box?

Okay so I’m not sure if any of you are or have had these problems, but my kitty seems to think that my garden is a litter box specifically made just for him 🙁

This is a huge problem as cat feces can spread disease throughout the garden. Even though cat feces contain nitrogen, phosphate and potash, which are fertilizers, it does not mean it is safe for the vegetation growing in the garden or for the consumption of the vegetation.


1-Sprinkle red pepper or cayenne pepper in the gardens to detour the cats from wanting to excrete in those spots. Cats are just like dogs, they need to smell the soil and find just the right place. If the ground is covered with hot pepper powder, the kitties will not like these spots. But the problem with this is that the pepper powder does not last long so you have to reapply.

Hot Pepper Powder

“Organic” Hot Pepper powders

2-Get some fine wire mesh & cover the ground floor with it. If kitties cannot bury their feces they will find another spot that they can bury in!

Cat Repellent

Thin wire Mesh!

So I had tried option one, all to no luck my kitty was persistent on going in the garden. So Lastly I had to try the wire mesh idea & wa’la no more using the garden as a little box.

It’s not very expensive and if there are plants already growing just cut a hole big enough so plant does not get damaged by the sharp edges & lay down. I placed a few rocks on the edges to keep them in place.

The tools you need is a bundle of thin wire mesh, a tape measure & cutting sheers. Its so easy I’m very confident that you could set it up with an ease…