Let’s Connect to Divinity

There are many ways to connect with God; some people pray, some people dance, some people teach, some people do yoga, so people meditate, and some people play with the elements…

The point is that we are all spiritual beings. And while we reside here on this plane of existence and in this flesh, we are to remember that there is something greater than ourselves. Let’s Connect to Divinity

An excerpt from, “The Lost Sisterhood” by Julia Ingram

God lies within us all. But in order to connect with our true selves, with our God-selves, and to divinity… We are to understand and know that without constant practice of honing our skills and connecting with other dimensions; through forms of meditation and connection, all will be lost in this dimension.

Practice makes perfect.

Ways in which I connect with my Goddess-self…

1. Dance; and not just any dance but I trance dance. As I dance I focus on my energy, the energy surrounding me, & I tap into the energy of the world, of the earth, and all the elements. For met his takes certain types of music, typically a drum circle can assist me or entheogenic types of music is my second best conduit.

2. Meditation – I do this in many forms. Meditation doesn;t have to take long, sometimes I do a quick meditation that lasts 5-15 minutes at the least and other times I meditate for hours on end. The key to meditation is quieting your mind, focusing on breath, and letting go of this time & space… Connect to something greater than yourself, no matter what that is…

3. Breathe – And what I mean is I focus on my breath going throughout my entire body. I make sure to breathe into the stomach & fill my abdomen.

4. Moon rituals or rites of the full and new moons as well as celebrating the change of seasons with the solstice and equinox.

5. Practice acts of Love and Compassion – Comunity service. A simple smile to a stranger or to someone who looks out of sorts. Kindness to children & animals. Gifting a friend or loved one. All of these things are acts of love & compassion.

6. Through sexual experience – And not just any sexual experience but with the right partner, a partner that is spiritually connected really helps. But I will get into this another time as this maybe kinda racy for this post…

I’d Love to hear how you connect to God. Please share your comments below or feel free to contact me another way.

Until Next time… Peace be with you…


“With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of Integrity.” =Mark Twain=

Courage can define who you are on many different levels, as your courage can be seen in every thing you do, every action & reaction whether directly or indirectly… Courage incorporates all the Virtues in so many levels, courage will always show through… so let it, go with it, be not afraid, be true to who you are & let your light shine on through…

Courage is:

  • Being/Standing up (alone)
  • Loving whole heartedly
  • Engaging Intimately with another
  • Giving/Receiving Love
  • Acts of Devotion
  • Speaking your voice
  • Sharing your thoughts
  • Respecting those you may not believe in
  • Trusting/putting faith into the words/actions of others
  • Unveiling yourself to the world
  • Being yourself
  • Fighting for your rights
  • Finding the good in all things
  • Confronting your fears

power fist

Until Next time… Peace be with you…