Grindelia squarrosa or Gumweed

Up in the mountains of Arizona where the days are cooler, plants are flourishing & the vibes are chiller you will find some potent herbal medicines. There is this one field just past Snowbowl that is filled with some of my favorite plant medicines. Here I enjoy smelling the sweetness in the flowers, snap a few pictures of myself in all the gold & harvest a few herbs that can be added to my apothecary.

spend time laughing flagstaff yellow flowers & me

Grindelia or gumweed is an abundant invasive weed that stands maybe knee high that has these cool sticky buds … Now what’s even cooler is these flowerbuds are filled with good medicine for kids asthma, dry cough and general chest congestion. Another fun fact about these flowers, is that you can eat them like bubblegum. They stick in your teeth like gum & you can chew on the fresh buds for a while… How fun, right!

gumweed or gridelia sticky buds

Grindelia is found ready to harvest in the late summer. Notice the stickiness in the buds?

It’s one of my favorites tinctures for my kiddo when he has a chest cold.

Another way to use this fantastic herb grindelia otherwise known as gumweed  is to use the dried flowers and leaves in a tea or as a topical salve or ointment. As a tea it can help relieve chest congestion & dry cough. And for topical use it can be used to help with excema, poison ivy and some bites or stings.

grindelia or gumweed 2018

Stay tuned for this fantastic herb to be available in my store both here & on Etsy.

Thank you all for reading this… Peace be with you…

Spend time Laughing

Spend time #laughing 

The Hopi grandmother I spent time with this past summer, said that if you want to have a good, happy life, then you have to have at least one good belly laugh each day. I think that’s some of the best advice I’ve ever been given 

spend time laughing flagstaff yellow flowers & me

Yesterday this was one of mine… when was your last belly laughing?

A Glimpse of the World’s Problems

Many scary things are happening in America & the World right now:

1. War is abundant. More than 67 countries are in a state of war right now! Did you know that there are only 196 countries in the world today? That means that more than 34% of the Wold is currently in a state of war. That’s 1/3 of the world’s Nations. Click here for a full list and description of these wars.


2. Global warming is killing off many creatures. 19% of the coral reef is currently dead and is dropping dramaticallyClick here to read a little more about this 

19% of the world’s coral reefs are dead due to Global warming

3. Water all around the world is being polluted. More than 75% of our water on earth is polluted. Click here for a deeper read.

The World we Live in
The World we Live in

4. China is filled with so much pollution that people have to wear face masks to protect themselves from the smog. Click here to read a bit more

Face masks to protect against smog

5. In America a hideous tycoon Donald Trump & an evil temptress Hillary Clinton are the final candidates fro #president. I am very nervous about the fate of America when either one of these goons takes power.

The future of America has come to this
The future of America has come to this

6. In North Dakota, thousands of people are standing together at the #stronghold Standing Rock #NoDAPL to protect the preservation of our water. Click here for quick read 


7. A massive oil spill just occurred in the United States that has polluted the #mississippiriver affecting 3 states Tennessee to Georgia and Alabama. Click here to read a bit more

A sign warns of petroleum pipelines next to an oil slick along the coast of Refugio State Beach in Goleta

I’d like to ask you if you read or see this to stop for a moment & send a prayer to North Dakota, to America & to the entire World for the #preservation of our #lifewaters.

picture by Shell Luttrell

I have several friends right now volunteering at the stronghold at Standing Rock & they have reported some very scary things our crooked government is doing to stop the #stronghold


The government has frivolously spent $6,000,000 dollars on a helicopter to run people; women and children alike off the surrounding areas. Who knows how much more money the government will be throwing away like this to work against the preservation of our precious waters. 

Standing Rock Picture by Shell Luttrell

Standing Rock Picture by Shell Luttrell

“When #water picks up #toxins, the #EPA has a word for this, “Impaired” (that is, the water cannot be used for the full range or purpose for which we might want to use it).” Click here for more info.


“The EPA estimates that 85% of all #river miles and 68% of all #lake acreage in the United Staes are currently #impaired.”… Toxic substances found in municipal drinking water across the United States have been indirectly linked to to many chronic, degenerative diseases, including #Alzheimer’s, #asthma, most forms of #cancer, #infertility, #Parkinson’s, and rheumatoid #arthritis.”

= Elson haas =

With this information you would think the EPA and all those in “charge” would be doing their best to not only preserve the water resources we have left but to restore, at least to some degree, the outlandish amount of water sources already “impaired”.


What exactly is our #government doing to make sure what’s already happened in the tri-state area isn’t going to happen in North Dakota? They are spending Millions of dollars to fight protestors and kick them off the land, that’s what they are doing. And if that happens, what you will see is massive contaminations of the waters in North Dakota. We can’t let that happen, we have to stand together to make sure our water is preserved. #waterislife

We have to stand together, "UNITED"

We have to stand together, “UNITED”

Many of the problems spoken of in this article pertain to the United States but there are many more problems, equally and even more devastating occurring around the world today. As a Global Nation, we need to Stand Together United and secure the future of our World, the future for our children and the future of mankind as one. Violence, greed, war, religious arguments are not uniting people, they are separating us even more and soon enough if things do not change we will be well past the point of no return for what we can fix… So, what are you doing in the world or your community to make our world a better place so our children’s children can flourish and thrive?

Until next time… Peace be with you…

#lifeforce #stopthepipeline #northdakota #tribalnations #standtogether #restoration #preservation #biochemicalprocesses #freesritandmind #stayinghealthytonutrition #elsonhaas

Kid’s Yoga & Meditation

While some people think kids wouldn’t like yoga or meditation…


Beginning of Kids meditation

I like to believe otherwise…

I find the best way to get kids into things like this, is to make it fun… How do we do we accomplish this?

We make fun yoga poses out of animals. Here are a few of the animals and poses we use and do:

Dogwe do downward dog, hold the pose & then lift one leg straight out at a time, this helps with our balance

Gorillawe bend over, make silly noises and lean from side to side

Snakewe lay on our bellies, come up on our hands, arching our backs and make fun hissing noises.

Ladybug– Mommy curls up on her belly, kinda like in baby pose, then the kiddo gets on top of mom, laying on her back and lays still and quite feeling like a little ladybug.

MonkeyMommy bends over, crosses arms together, holds hands out for kiddo. Kiddo puts legs through arms (like he would on the monkey bars outside), grabs mom’s hands and then mom lifts kiddo off the ground and we swing back and forth making silly monkey noises.

Tree & myceliumstandard tree pose but this time half way through kiddo curls up under mom and acts like mycelium and tries to wrap himself all throughout moms feet or “roots” this allows us to work together to help the tree grow.

We then use the wall as a prop to work on our strengthening and toning. 

Strengthening and toning exercises

Strengthening and toning exercises

And we do acro yoga poses… this allows us to connect, work together and have fun!

Us connecting

Us connecting

As for the meditation…

We close our eyes and focus on what’s around us, we feel the air on our skin from the fan above, hear the music coming from above and we focus on our body parts (this usually makes us laugh) …

Beginning og meditation

Beginning og meditation

next thing I know it’s been minutes and those little eyes are still closed and the face is finally relaxed… So yeah, it isn’t hopeless to get children to join in on your routine as long as you make it fun for them…


So the next time you want to connect with or do some fun activity with your kiddo, maybe you could try one or all of these methods…

Let me know what you think by commenting below, if you have used any of these or what you do to help your kiddo participate in these activities. 

Until next Time… Peace be with you

A Glimpse of my Life and education…

Let the Journey Continue into a glimpse of my Life…

In 2011 I received my Associates in Computer Sciences at Rio Salado College & now in 2016 I received my Associates in Applied Science with a focus in Addictions and Substance Use Disorders, completed with Certificates Levels I & II and am currently in the process of getting my LSAT License for the State of Arizona so I may further a career to help serve the suffering addict.

Degree in Associates

Associates in Applied Science with the focus of Addictions & Substance Use Disorders

Degree in substance abuse I

Associates in Applied Science with the focus of Addictions & Substance Use Disroders Level I

Degree in Substance abuse II

Associates in Applied Science with the focus of Addictions & Substance Use Disorders Level II

In 2015 I became a Certified Herbalist and continue to practice the healing of plant medicines through Free Spirit & Mind

Certification in South Western Herbalism

Certification in South Western Herbalism

Now I have started school and a whole new Journey at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to further my Holistic education as a Mind, Body Wellness Practitioner with a focus in Nutrition, Wellness/Life Coaching & Urban Farming… I am excited to see where this diligence & hard earned effort will lead me & to see how many people I can help serve along the way.

Be the Change you wanna see

Be the Change you wanna see

Peace be with you…

Wood sorrel (oxalis)

Wood sorrel (oxalis) can be found all throughout woodland areas. Here is what it should look like:

wood sorrel 3

This plant is filled with oxalates and vitamin C. Oxalates is a salt compound that makes things taste sour, rhubarb is another great example of a plant filled with oxalates. Typically the greens are what is eaten. Some native Americans chewed on wood sorrel to alleviate thirst or to cure mouth sores. The roots of sorrel can be eaten but are usually boiled and they have a starchy taste somewhat like a potato. Either way, this is a most Pleasing wild Edible to feast upon while out in Nature.

Wood sorrel 1


It also grows quite well in desert regions during the cooler months. Children seem to go gaga over this little plant, cause of the sour taste. My son, just loves eating this plant, although it can upset the tummy if eaten in high quantity.


Wood sorrel 2


NOTE to the reader: When in the wild do NOT eat any wild foods unlesss you are 100% that you have properly identified the plant.

Rose Hips AKA the fruit of Rose’s

Rose Hips (Rosaceae spp.) Did you know that there are over 2500 species in the rose family and all of them bare some sort of fruit. Maybe some of them you wouldn’t think belongs to this family:

Rose hips flyer

Stone fruits such as peaches, apricots, choke cherries and the like.
Berries such as blackberry, raspberry, strawberries and so many more.
Even goatsbeard belongs to this family.

Pretty interesting huh! Now did you know that the beautiful rose that is so commonly used as a gift to show your love to another also bares Edible fruits? These fruits are known as rose hips and they appear after the flower has formed on the rose plant, the petals fall off and then a rose hip (or edible fruit) starts to emerge.

These delicious fruits are extremely high in vitamin C, contain astringent properties and are very restorative to the sickened body. They are also wonderful to steep in a honey or mash up to make a vinegar or delicious syrup and then added to any regiment while one is ill. Rose hips are also said to be especially good for calming babies who are sick with colic.

Rose hips in mouth

I will use these delicious rose hips I harvested in the San Francisco peaks near Flagstaff last weekend to make a delicious honey that will be infused with a few other medicinal herbs. So stay tuned for the release of a delicious honey blend and quite a few more that have been steeping for a while now 😉

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Disclaimer: This has not been approved by the FDA. This is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent disease. Consult your health care provider before using this product. And most importantly I do not recommend harvest anything from the wild and do not consume anything wild unless you are absolutely sure of it’s origin & what it is!

Catnip, Nepeta cataria

Catnip, Nepeta cataria

Catnip, Nepeta cataria

Catnip, Nepeta cataria

Everyone knows that catnip is used to get our cats feeling perky, but did you know we humans can use it to? I grow catnip in my garden for all kinds of medicinal uses. Catnip is a member of the mint family and can be used to help with anxiety, tummy issues such as indigestion, cramps or nausea, it can also be used to help with colic, fevers and menstrual cramps. Sometimes I’ll brew a tea for my toddler and give this to him to help him calm down in the evening. Have you used catnip for medicinal uses?

Have you used catnip for medicinal uses? If so leave a comment I’d love to hear what your thoughts, preparations or experience was. And if you are going to grow this in your garden I really recommend keeping it in a pot or in an area where you do not mind if it spreads, because it will take over!

Silence your Mind…

“The Soul always know what to do to Heal itself, the challenge is to Silence the Mind…”

Do you ever feel this way when you are attempting to meditate? It’s okay, a lot of people find it hard to quiet their minds for any length of time. Which is not surprising at all, with the way the world runs today.

scattered braintoo many thoughts

There are many styles of meditation, maybe you need to research other methods or change the environment you are in, as sometimes the environment can make or break a successful meditation experience. Some may even  help you feel like this:

meditation scattered mind

So how do you meditate? Here are a few different ways I meditate:

1. Lay down on my back, close my eyes, silence all thoughts and sounds and drift off.
2. Sit up in a chair with my feet on the ground, sit with back straight, silence all thoughts and sounds & drift off.
3. Silently count with the intention of silencing all other thoughts in my mind, do this for at least 20 minutes and my mind & body feel peaceful & at ease.
4. Light a candle, fixate my eyes on the flame, focus only on the flame & drift off.
5. Listen to some peaceful music or chants, clear my mind of all other chatter or thought & drift off.
6. Visualize a certain color like amethyst, blue, green, white etc. And think of clearing my energy of negative vibes.
7. Lay down imagine every part of my body relaxing. Starting fro my feet, then my ankles and keep moving up my body until all body parts are relaxed and my mind is quiet. Sit here for at least 20 minutes and enjoy.
8. Use any of these methods and after I have cleared my mind I will focus on a specific problem, solution or answer I want to attain and send it out to the universe with feelings of Love & Gratitude and wait until the Universe sends back the answers. I continue with the meditation until the answer comes, which it ALWAYS does.

Best of luck to you & your meditation…

Lemon Yogurt Pasta

What’s for dinner?

As a single mom sometimes I find it hard to create delicious, healthy & quick meals for my sweet little boy (who is four at the moment) and I. All of the demands, responsibilities & time restraints make it hard to spend much time in the kitchen to prepare healthy meals that are not from a box or containing loads of preservatives. Pasta seems to be one of those meals that I can prepare, toss just about anything into it & my little one will usually enjoy it.

Lemon Yogurt Pasta

Lemon yogurt pasta3

Lemon yogurt pasta (mamas dish)

Lemon yogurt pasta (little ones dish)

Lemon yogurt pasta (little ones dish)

Organic whole wheat pasta, kale, spinach, tomatoes, pine nuts tossed in olive oil, plain yogurt, lemon juice, fresh basil, salt & pepper & topped with toasted chickpeas & a side of fresh tangelos from a friends yard!


Lemon yogurt pasta with chickpeas

Lemon yogurt pasta1

Delicious, creamy & totally healthy!

Organic Ingredients:

Lemon Yogurt Pasta:

Whole wheat pasta

Handful kale

Handful spinach

2 Handfuls fresh tomatoes

Handful pine nuts

Olive oil

Nutritional Yeast

1-2 Tbsp Plain yogurt

2-3 Tbsp Fresh Lemon juice

Handful Fresh basil

1 tsp Turmeric

Himalayan salt & pepper to taste

Toasted chickpeas


Bring water to a boil, toss in raw pasta for about 20 minutes or until Al dente. In the mean time dice up tomatoes, kale, spinach & basil. Once pasta is tender, drain & toss in olive oil, turmeric, nutritional yeast, kale & spinach (the heat allows them to cook slightly & become tender as well) then mix well. Once mixed toss in pine nuts, yogurt, salt & pepper and Enjoy!

Toasted Chickpeas:

I made my own chickpeas by cooking in a crockpot for part of the day. You can use a can if you do not make your own chickpeas. Simply preheat over to 425 degrees, while heating oven place chickpeas, olive oil, salt & pepper into a plastic bag, mix gently & once over is heated place mixture into a baking dish & bake for 20 minutes. If you time it right both the pasta & chickpeas should be ready at the same time.

Hope you Enjoy, please let me know what you think, feel free to leave a comment down below.

Until next time… Peace be with you…