Things to do to reduce Alzheimer’s & bring Awareness

The holidays are not about presents, or gifts, or chocolate it’s about showing your appreciation to the ones you love. If you do this by showering them with gifts great! Otherwise it’s about spending time with the people who matter most to you.

Vance (my son) with Judy & Rosario his beloved grandparents

Vance (my son) with Judy & Rosario his beloved grandparents

This holiday season we go visit everyone in the family that we can. In this picture above we are spending time with Vance’s grandma Judy for the #holiday. Judy suffers from #Alzheimer‘s and #aphasia and the entire family feels it.

Alzheimer’s effects Judy’s ability to remember things, even her family at times. And the aphasia makes it difficult for Judy to speak, think straight and communicate.

It’s essentially important that we bring #awareness to both these #disorders as they are #diseases of the mind but they effect the #spirit causing suffering and pain for the entire #family not just the ones suffering with it.

It’s sad to know that Judy only got to spend the first few years of Vance’s life knowing that she was a new and first time grandmother. But what we can do is show her #compassion spend time with her, love her and make sure Vance knows who his family is.

Every time we go visit Judy, Vance is kinda shy and says that it’s sad how his grandma has changed… But Vance never wants to leave and as we drive away he always asks when we will be back to visit her. Vance isn’t afraid of his grandma and cares for her regardless of her limitations  and I am there to support him and his beloved grandmother along the way.

But did you know that there are simple things you can do to protect yourself & your family from Alzheimer’s? Here’s a few tips.

1. Reduce foods such as Trans fats. Avoid these not only to reduce cholesterol but to help improve the brain.

Avoid Transfats

Avoid Transfats

2. Avoid Saturated fats. Saturated fats causes many health disorders & diseases.

Avoid saturated fats

Avoid saturated fats

3. Avoid cooking in cast iron dishes. Why? Because metals such as iron & copper increase free radicals in your body. Free radicals destroy the connections in the brain.

causes free radicals

causes free radicals

4. Increase Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps strengthen the brain.

Increase vitamin E

Increase vitamin E

5. Increase foods high in Anthocyanins which includes blue & purple foods.

Increase Anthocyanins

Increase Anthocyanins

6. Walk briskly for at least 40 minutes, 3 times a week or a total of 120 minutes a week. Walking briskly not just a simple walk actually “reverses brain shrinkage and improves memory!”

Reverse brain shrinkage & increase your memory.

Reverse brain shrinkage & increase your memory.

7. Use rosemary essential oil daily to help strengthen the brain & stop the effects of Alzheimer’s. Here are two clinical research reports on this Effect of aromatherapy on patients with Alzheimer’s disease and The Therapeutic Potential of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Diterpenes for Alzheimer’s Disease.

rosemary EO alzheimers post


8. Watch this Ted Talk to learn how foods can improve the brain. 

There are simple things you can to do to bring awareness of Alzheimer’s. 

1. Share your story with everyone.

If your story can touch just one person you've done the great work!

If your story can touch just one person you’ve done the great work!

2. Post on social media about Alzheimer’s and how to reduce the risks

share share share!

share share share!

3. Walk for Alzheimer’s click here to find out how to get involved.

4. Buy Alzheimer’s awareness stamps.

Every #dollar $ spent goes towards #research on Alzheimer's

Every #dollar $ spent goes towards #research on Alzheimer’s

Next time you go to buy #stamps ask for the Alzheimer’s awareness stamps and help #support scientist and doctors help to understand this disorder a little more. Every #dollar $ spent goes towards #research on Alzheimer’s.

5. Read blogs about Alzheimer’s. Here’s a good one that gives you ideas on how to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s. 10 Things to Do During Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

6. Donate towards Alzheimer’s. Here are a couple places you can do at Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.


 7. Share with your family. Read to your kids. Have your kids watch YouTube videos with you about the disease so they understand it better.

8. And finally do all that you can to share about Alzheimer’s for one never knows when a loved one, your mother, your father, your child or your grandparent could be affected by this disease of the mind, heart and spirit.

#supportalzheimers #freeyourmind #diseasesofthemind #minddisorders#familypain @ Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Asian Style Honey Mango Veggies & Quinoa

This simple recipe was created out of what was in the fridge, a little Inspiration & Sheer Luck and all with a dear friend)! Okay what’s for lunch I asked myself… hmmm okay I throw some Quinoa in the rice cooker & come back later to decide…

time ticks on by...

time ticks on by…

Okay Quinoa is done now what should I add to it… great I’ve got some fresh veggies in the fridge:

Red Onion

Great… what seasonings should I add:

WildCrafted False Tarragon
Cayenne Pepper

Hmmm… What else should I add… Oh I know some:

Organic Soy Sauce
Chardonnay (Why the hell not… it needs to be used soon anyways!)

Hmmm… something is missing… oh I know I will use this Organic mango & see how that turns out…

Organic Mango that needs to be used...

Organic Mango that needs to be used…

And for the Taste Test… Hallelujah This is AMAZING…

Hallelujah This is AMAZING...

Hallelujah This is AMAZING…

So there ya have it… Super simple Healthy Asian Style Honey Mango Veggies & Quinoa…


I cut up all the veggies into bite sized morsels.
Turned the cast iron skillet onto low (in between low & medium)
Threw in onions, broccoli & cauliflower.
Waited a minute or two & threw in the rest of veggies.
Sprinkled in the spices (not using too much of anyone so as not to over power)
Added the wine, soy sauce & honey
Hmmm… it’s  a little too watery… okay I’ll add some Organic Arrow Root Powder (this acts as a thickener just like corn starch but with out all those Nasty GMO’s)
Asian Style Honey Mango Veggies & Quinoa

Asian Style Honey Mango Veggies

Asian Style Honey Mango Veggies & Quinoa1

Cooked Quinoa with coconut oil

Oh yea the Mango, some Raw Cashews & Pumpkin Seeds… topped those on at the last moment, Mixed with the cooked quinoa, added a little Coconut Oil, salted to taste & devoured!
Asian Style Honey Mango Veggies & Quinoa

Asian Style Honey Mango Veggies & Quinoa

Seriously guys this was one of the best tasting meals I’ve had in a very very long time… My hopes are that the next time I try this that it will come out as good (if only… if only…)… Please do yourself a “Flavor”, save this recipe, go to the store, buy the ingredients & make this ASAP… It came out sooo Good… I cannot wait for left overs & there are left over veggies I can use later for a delicious wrap!

Till Next Time… Peace Be with You…