Wood sorrel (oxalis)

Wood sorrel (oxalis) can be found all throughout woodland areas. Here is what it should look like:

wood sorrel 3

This plant is filled with oxalates and vitamin C. Oxalates is a salt compound that makes things taste sour, rhubarb is another great example of a plant filled with oxalates. Typically the greens are what is eaten. Some native Americans chewed on wood sorrel to alleviate thirst or to cure mouth sores. The roots of sorrel can be eaten but are usually boiled and they have a starchy taste somewhat like a potato. Either way, this is a most Pleasing wild Edible to feast upon while out in Nature.

Wood sorrel 1


It also grows quite well in desert regions during the cooler months. Children seem to go gaga over this little plant, cause of the sour taste. My son, just loves eating this plant, although it can upset the tummy if eaten in high quantity.


Wood sorrel 2


NOTE to the reader: When in the wild do NOT eat any wild foods unlesss you are 100% that you have properly identified the plant.

Rose Hips AKA the fruit of Rose’s

Rose Hips (Rosaceae spp.) Did you know that there are over 2500 species in the rose family and all of them bare some sort of fruit. Maybe some of them you wouldn’t think belongs to this family:

Rose hips flyer

Stone fruits such as peaches, apricots, choke cherries and the like.
Berries such as blackberry, raspberry, strawberries and so many more.
Even goatsbeard belongs to this family.

Pretty interesting huh! Now did you know that the beautiful rose that is so commonly used as a gift to show your love to another also bares Edible fruits? These fruits are known as rose hips and they appear after the flower has formed on the rose plant, the petals fall off and then a rose hip (or edible fruit) starts to emerge.

These delicious fruits are extremely high in vitamin C, contain astringent properties and are very restorative to the sickened body. They are also wonderful to steep in a honey or mash up to make a vinegar or delicious syrup and then added to any regiment while one is ill. Rose hips are also said to be especially good for calming babies who are sick with colic.

Rose hips in mouth

I will use these delicious rose hips I harvested in the San Francisco peaks near Flagstaff last weekend to make a delicious honey that will be infused with a few other medicinal herbs. So stay tuned for the release of a delicious honey blend and quite a few more that have been steeping for a while now ūüėČ

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Disclaimer: This has not been approved by the FDA. This is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent disease. Consult your health care provider before using this product. And most importantly I do not recommend¬†harvest anything from the wild and do not consume anything wild unless you are absolutely sure of it’s origin & what it is!

The Journey Continues- Jesse James Float Log-Float 2

Hey guys Welcome back to my Float Journey…I’ll tell you it sure feels nice to know you are appreciated in an establishment &¬†Jesse James Body Wellness & his team have done it again, they really know how to make you feel Welcome… Look at the chalk board behind the tank… every detail counts!

Welcome Rose in the Float Room at Jesse James body Wellness

Welcome Rose in the Float Room at Jesse James body Wellness

Today my intentions were to meditate & open the flood gates of information…

Here is my video float log before the float at Jesse James Body Wellness

Todays float was exceptionally good. Sometimes when I meditate after I have reached several moments of absolute peace and stillness I like to open the flood gates of inspiration & information. This is a simple trick I do during meditation after I have cleared my mind for 10-20 minutes or so. I visualize the word “Inspiration” or “information” and let the thoughts flood in. I would call todays float the “Thinking tank”, as there were so many ideas that flowed into my head during meditation. So many ideas flowed into my thoughts like gardening ideas, marketing ideas, label ideas, self-care and thought processes.

Today the main thought that flooded into my brain during the float was the idea of:

Gardening of The Soul

As a Gardener it is easy for me to relate everyday things in my life to gardening, so it is no surprise that I came up with this term during a mediation. “Gardening of the Soul” what exactly does this mean? To me it refers to the self-care we do to maintain our Souls through critiquing, cleansing, maintenance, loving & nurturing ourselves. Just as we have to tend to our gardens in ways of¬†weeding out the bad plants, exterminating noxious pests, pruning our plants so the nutrients go to the fruits, fertilizing our garden beds, watering our gardens so they are hydrated & healthy & much more… we need to tend to our souls in similar ways. Some of these ways include incorporating new thought processes, weeding out bad habits and negative thought processes, removing negative influences in our life that are¬†not serving us for the greatest good, nurture ourselves by pampering ourselves, fuel our body’s with healthy & nutritious foods, spend time in Nature maybe put your hands in some dirt, feel the sun on our face & skin, be comfortable with silence or be around people that make us feel good… All of these things and many more are my ideas of “Gardening¬†of the Soul” and I work on all of these things on a constant basis…

Gardening my Soul is a constant task that will never stop because over time the things in our lives are constantly changing, constantly evolving;¬†people come & go, jobs & careers change, lovers slip through the cracks, friends fade away, children grow up… but in the end we still have ourselves & hopefully our sanity & by maintaining ourselves is an easy way to ensure we keep a strong, solid grasp on our lives…

Here is my float log after the float at Jesse James Body Wellness

With the concept ¬†in mind “Gardening of the Soul” what have you done today or lately that could¬†be considered Gardening of your Soul? When was the last time you did something just for you? When was the last time you let go of a ¬†bad habit, a friend who brings you down or negative thoughts that you constantly repeat to yourself? If it has been a ¬†while for any of these I challenge you to tend to the Garden in your Soul… but most of all I challenge you to do something to better yourself… Distractions are understandable and for most of us we tend to get lost in a 9-5 job, paying our bills, collecting things, shopping ¬†or¬†focusing on everyone else that we forget about ourselves, we forget about our own personal self-care. So take a moment and reflect on how you can improve yourself, better yourself & make your life just a little more manageable or easier…

Until next time… Peace be with you…