Summer Leaves

Before the Summer is gone take your kiddos outdoors to collect fallen Summer Leaves…

Here is a fun project “Summer Leaves”

I took my son Vance to the park. We then ran around looking for the best fallen leaves to collect. I explained to Vance that we did not need to pick any fresh leaves because that will hurt the tree, but we could collect any fallen leaves because the trees had given these freely to us.
Once our leaves were collected we went home & I pulled out some blank paper, paint & paint brushes.

Our supplies

Our supplies

We then pained the leaves with Vance’s choice of paint color-this time it was Blue!
We made sure to coat the leaf heavily with our paint.
Lastly Pressed the leaf to the paper to imprint the leaf onto the paper.

Look at our final project! How cute is this!?!

Our Summer Leaf!

Our Summer Leaf!

All the while I explained to Vance what we were doing so he could grasp the idea and the nature of the craft project.

I then wrote on the paper “Summer Leaf 2014” so we knew what the project was & when we saved it we could recall the year.

Then we hung the Summer Leaf on the fridge for all to see.

The cutest part of this project was watching my son get so excited in the park collecting leaves. He kept finding the prettiest leaves and some old ones, that I had to tell him would not be any good for the project!
Then the painting was a blast too! Vance always loves getting the paints out and making a huge mess-we even painted each other a little in fun! No worries it will wash off!

So come on get the kiddos & go outside to collect some leaves before the Summer is over!