The Journey Continues… Float 6

The Journey Continues… Float 6

Confidence & self-esteem go hand in hand. They both play a role in our self-talk. Self-talk affects our self-worth & our view on our self-worth affects our confidence. For addicts, I have found that one of the most important things a newly recovering addict must focus on is improving their self-worth.


Many addicts suffer with poor confidence & low self-esteem. I believe this comes from years of the uncertainty of who we are. Trying to figure out our roots, paths and where we should be heading. For me it was very easy to lose my path since I did not grow up in a stable home. Without this foundation and stability I found it very difficult to focus on whom I was, what I wanted and where I wanted to go. Uncertain on how to deal with all the issues that were in front of me (the insecurities of who I was, who I should be & where I belonged), that when I was introduced to drugs, it made it easy to decide to “not make any decisions” while under the influence. And for me at the time seemed like the quickest fix. Now I realize that quick fixes are not what I desire, but long-term solutions and corrections to character defects. For me I define character defects by all the things, little quarks and beliefs that I either find fault in, want to correct or need to remedy by finding another way to look, deal or cope with things.

There are reasons an addict develops an addiction. Some causes are evident like abuse, gender issues etc. While some reasons are not evident, and have deeper roots. I believe the later is one a large factor for how an addiction develops in the first place. I’m not sure about you, but for me not knowing, is always the hardest!

Many addicts internalize insecurities, such as feelings of unworthiness, not fitting in, identity issues and the like. Once these are internalized and the person is not sure how to deal with such issues, it is easy to forget about them with the aid of an outside source, like drugs. Many people are very lucky in that they have no desire or simply do not like the affects of drug induced states, while others, those who are susceptible into becoming addicts are absolutely enthralled by the affects produced with outside influences.

Today I will focus on my self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. I do not need anyone to acknowledge me, to accept me or to judge me. What I need more than anything is to believe I am worthy, to have the confidence to make the right choices for my life.

I will do this by meditating while in the pods. I have chosen a cave system for this exercise, as caves symbolize the unconscious mind, hidden internal feelings & desires. The cave also symbolizes a place where the self and ego unite. I will enter the cave and have to word confidence etched on the ceiling of the cave. That way I have to look up to see the word confidence which to me is a symbolisms’ to how people with good self-esteem look up and how people with poor self-esteem look to the ground, as they unconsciously feel unworthy to meet others gazes. I will consciously look up to the etching throughout the meditation & embody the word confidence. I will do this by using affirmations & reminding myself of all the amazing things I have accomplished and or am good at.

This was a really good exercise & I came out feeling refreshed, feeling strong & feeling on top of the world. I became lost in my cave system, wandering around focusing on the trickle of water flowing form the hidden cracks & crevasses. I felt very connected to this cave. This was a very good grounding meditation. I would recommend for all women to do this mediation, as it really lifted my spirits.

Until next time…Peace be with you…



The Journey Continues… Float 5

The Journey Continues… Float 5

During the past few months I have gained a lot of things out of floating at True Rest. I have gained confidence in myself. I have noticed a positive change in my cognitive thought process. And I have had great success with meditations.

The float Chamber

The float Chamber

I have noticed my confidence level has raised. I do not second guess myself as much. I do not care as much for what others think of me. And I feel stronger and am proud of the women I am today.

As for the cognitive changes. I have noticed that I make better, sounder decisions. My impulsivity has dropped. My ability to pay attention to things has improved.

I have always meditated, but adding meditation to the float pod experiences, truly enhances the whole meditation experience. I am able to go deeper into meditations. I am able to return to sacred spaces at ease. And I have been successful with various meditation modalities.

Great things come from the float pods. Very magical experiences indeed. I am always looking forward to my next float… the possibilities are endless

Float pod1

Until next time… Peace be with You…

The Journey Continues…Float 4…

For most people they do not grow up with the plans of becoming addicts. It is not as if one day they wake up and say, “Oh hey I think I’m gonna become addicted to something so that all my thoughts, actions and behaviors orbit this one obsession…” No that is not how it is. For most addicts there is something that triggers drug addiction. It can be anything from disturbance in family life, school, peer pressure, traumas, predisposition, environmental factors etc.

It is vital for an addict to understand where their addictions arose. If an addict wants half a chance to remain abstinent from their drug of choice, they must come to terms with their inner demons. Coming to terms with inner demons is not a “Cure-all”. It simply is one of the many tools an addict may utilize to remain clean.

In order to become healthy and remain sober an addict must acknowledge the past. Accept and forgive choices and mistakes made. This includes people in their lives and is one of the steps to the 12-step program of A.A. The addict is forever in a state of metamorphasizing. Similar to how the caterpillar goes through several stages to become a butterfly, the addict must relearn how to live. An addict changes themselves entirely, their morals, values, belief systems, how they view the world, how they live, breath, eat, drink, the people they choose to surround their selves with etc. Typically this happens at the beginning, during addiction and in the recovery process.

Recognizing triggers, acknowledging traumas and embracing pains are some of the inner demons I am referring to. These are also some of the inner demons I am currently working on coming to terms with. I have practiced many things to understand, accept or relive my traumas. Some of these worked and some of these didn’t. Therefore in this float I will try a meditation technique I learned in one of Jere Friedmans Gong baths. This technique is known as Holoenergetic Healing.

What I will do is visualize myself in 4 stages of life (typically it is 3 but I felt more comfortable with four).

1-My inner child

2-My teen self

3-My young adult self

4-The recovered self after the age of 25

In the meditation I will envision all 4 selves standing in front of myself. I will attempt to remember, relive and work through all of the traumas. I will whole-heartedly feel how I felt in each stage of life, during each trauma and in each memory. I will then forgive each self and tell them that they were not at fault and that they can forgive themselves for all that they went through. Finally I will hug each self and ask them to let go of the pains, self doubts and fears.


Wow that was incredible that was one of the most powerful meditations I have experienced. I disappeared from this world, from everything that keeps one grounded to this plane of existence. In the middle of the float I awoke in another world, surrounded by bright warm light. I felt so at peace & so much Love

As I breathed out the pains of each self I literally felt the negative energy being released through each appendage. It felt as though waves of energy & light shot like lightening bolts from my being… It couldn’t have been more perfecting timing as the music kicked in to cue me the float was almost over, I was hugging myself and bidding them farewell. I felt so much peace as I watched each self turn around & disappear into the forest.





Until next time… Peace be with You…